7 Things You Need To Know If You Love A Taurus

Practical, ambitious, and hardworking – Taureans make wonderful partners.

They aspire to a life of luxury and comfort, so if you’re lucky enough to meet a successful person born under this sign, you’re in for a comfortable life.

They are patient, generous, and happy to assume the role of provider.

At the same time, if your relationship is to flourish, you need to understand the Taurus psyche.

Here are 7 essential things to know if you love a Taurus:

1) They want a family and a stable home life:

If you want a casual relationship, you’ll need to make this clear from the outset.

Although a Taurean might have a few flings in their youth, their long-term goal is to raise a family and build a long-term partnership.

They won’t be happy if you pretend to want the same kind of lifestyle, only to backtrack later.

2) They have a materialistic side:

Taureans like the finer things in life.

They value high-end fashion, gourmet restaurants, and expensive theater tickets. You don’t need to be rich to date a Taurus, but they tend to like a partner with a healthy disposable income.

They like to wear the best clothes, and have good fashion sense.

It may be months before they’ll feel comfortable wearing sweatpants in your presence.

On the downside, they can be possessive.

Remember, a Taurus’ main mission in life is to own things.

Some Taureans place “people” in this category. If they have a jealous streak, this can manifest in overprotective behavior.

You may need to establish your independence from the beginning, and be prepared to defend your boundaries. 

3) They don’t appreciate financial recklessness:

Although they are happy to spend money on expensive possessions and experiences, the average Taurus won’t hesitate to voice their disapproval if you live beyond your means.

They prize security, and any relationship that jeopardizes their financial future won’t last long. Their ideal partner understands how long-term investments work.

4) Spontaneity leaves them flustered:

If you like to plan vacations and outings down to the last detail, you’ll be happy dating a Taurus.

They appreciate partners who carefully select a restaurant or vacation spot well in advance.

It’s not that a Taurus doesn’t have a playful side, just that they value routine and security over the new and unexpected.

5) They are steadfast and loyal:

A Taurean prides themselves on remaining by their partner’s side, whatever life may throw their way.

You have to push a Taurus a long way before they turn against you.

You can rely on them to stick to a daily routine, to call when they say they will, and to pick up the groceries on their way home.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you won’t need to worry that they’ll stray with someone closer to home. These people are willing and able to wait for the ones they love.

Even if a relationship doesn’t last forever, they look back at their ex-partners with fondness.

6) They have no time for lazy people:

Taureans place a high value on hard work.

They admire people who have accumulated wealth and status via their own efforts, and take a dim view of anyone who expects an easy ride.

A Taurus requires an ambitious partner who will help them achieve their material goals.

They don’t mind taking on the role of breadwinner, but they will expect you to show some gratitude.

Be warned – when in pursuit of a goal, these people may spend excessive amounts of time at the office.

Fortunately, they respect their family’s needs, so asking them to address their work-life imbalance is usually enough to get them back on track.

7) They are stubborn:

Taurus is the sign of the bull.

As you might expect, these people are liable to stubbornness.

Once they have formed an opinion on a topic, they will stand by it, even if they secretly realize that they may be wrong.

They have a remarkable ability to stay calm in most situations, but if something finally tips them over the edge, their strong reaction can be alarming.

If you challenge one of their cherished opinions, be prepared for the backlash.

A Taurus makes a great long-term relationship candidate

If you’re looking for a life partner, pick a Taurus.

You’ll never have to wonder whether they are harboring any secrets, and they won’t give you any reason to doubt their loyalty.

If you are willing to join them in their pursuit of riches and a tight-knit family, they could be your dream match.