30 Of The Cutest Little Maine Coon Kittens Just Waiting To Grow Up Into Giants

Maine Coon kittens are loveable and fluffy creatures, but you better soak up the itty-bitty adorableness now before they grow up into massive cats.

In fact, Maine Coons are some of the largest full-grown domesticated cats.

While my mutt of a cat is obese at 18 pounds, a healthy Maine Coon cat can easily reach up to 18 pounds without warranting worry from the vet.

Plus, Main Coons are especially long – reaching up to 48 inches in length. In fact, the world’s longest domestic cat is a Maine Coon named Mymains Stewart Gilligan.

He measured an impressive 48 inches, or four feet long.

It’s often the largest animals that make the cutest babies and Maine Coons are the perfect example of this.

Keep scrolling to see some of the cutest Maine Coon kittens the Internet has been blessed with, along with some fun facts about this majestic breed.

#1. These 9-week old Maine Coon kittens are just waiting for their vet check


There are several theories about how this cat breed came to be.

One of the wildest tales is that they originated from domesticated cats mating with raccoons.

A more likely explanation is that this breed originated when short-haired cats bred with longhaired cats.

It is suspected that the longhaired cats came to America with the Vikings or European sailors who docked in New England back in the 1700s. They often kept cats onboard their ships to control mice populations.



DNA testing has shown that the Maine Coon is a descendent of the Norwegian Forest Cat as well as an unknown and now extinct domestic breed that the Vikings were likely responsible for.

#3. 7-month Maine Coon – just look at that tail!


The Maine Coon is an intelligent breed that can be easier to train than other cat breeds.



Their shaggy coat and large paws are designed to handle frigid weather and snow.



#6. Meet Nana!


#7. Cheesin



Are you a fan of Harry Potter?

A Maine Coon cat named Pebbles starred in the popular films as Argus Filch’s pet, Mrs. Norris.

Pebbles was discovered at a cattery in southwest England.



In 2004, a Maine Coon named Little Nicky was the first animal to be commercially cloned. The original Little Nicky passed away at age 17 and his owner saved his DNA at a gene bank.

She forked over $50,000 to transplant his DNA into an egg cell. It worked – the kitten born as a result looked and acted like Little Nicky #1.

#8. This cutie-pie is Neo




As you can see looking at these purrfect photos, Maine Coon cats come in a variety of different colors and patterns.

#10. 3 weeks old and ready for cuddles!


#11. These pictures prove just how fast Maine Coons grow – 3 months old vs 6 months old


Their fluffy coat is water-repellant and thicker on their stomach, ruff, and flanks.

#12. 4 month old silver beauty





Their fur is shorter on their shoulders which allows them to move through dense forest land without getting caught by twigs, branches or brush.

#14. 12 weeks old and already getting big


#15. Brother and sister sharing a sweet moment


#16. 9 months old with fluff like wow


#17. I’m late, I’m late!


The Maine Coon was deemed the official state cat of Maine in 1985.

#18. Just look at those pretty blue eyes!




While Maine Coons are huge they are not actually the largest cat breed. Instead, they fall somewhere between the Norwegian Forest Cat, which weigh up to 16 pounds, and Ragdolls, which can weigh even more at up to 20 pounds.




#21. A handful of cuteness


Maine Coons tend to be social and are rather interactive with humans, causing many to consider them the dogs of the cat world.



#23. This 6-month-old Maine Coon named Brutus has quite the tail


Their extra bushy tails help keep them warm because they can wrap them around their bodies like a built-in blanket.

#24. Huxley at 13 weeks and then at 14 weeks… these cats grow fast!


#25. Friendly and fun loving


#26. 5 months old and ready to take on the world


Not all Maine Coons have tufts on their ears, but many do.

#27. A little tongue action


#28. 3-month-old named Nemesis


#29. 8 weeks old


#30. 7 fur babies all bundled up


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