Hardworking Doctors Post Pics Of Where They Sleep At Work In Defense Of Med Resident Caught Sleeping

Doctors work long hours in honor of saving lives and protecting patients.

One med resident caught sleeping at her desk at a hospital in Monterrey, Mexico was given no credit for her endless sacrifices.

Instead photos of her were posted to a Mexican blog attacking her for sleeping on the job instead of working.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-11Photo Credit: Ana Sofia 

Doctors all over the world saw injustice in this harsh post and they are fighting back by posting photos of their favorite places to hit the snooze button while working endless hours through grueling shifts.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-3Photo Credit: Janna Henriquez

These photos are going viral under the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi, which translates to “I’ve also fallen asleep.”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-2Photo Credit: Paola Ferez

Overworked doctors have been a problem for many years. In fact, back in the 1980s a girl named Libby Zion died at a hospital staffed by doctors too exhausted to properly do their job.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-9Photo Credit: Euge Traverso Vior 

This brought a lot of public attention to the problem and as a result the Libby Zion Law was put into place, this prevents doctors in New York from working over 80 hours a week.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-8Photo Credit: Sebastian Alzate

Still, despite some State laws the problem still exists.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-6Photo Credit: Projecto Diez

Doctors spend a lot of money, time and effort becoming a doctor, and then once given the title they work incredibly long and hard hours.

Without doctors we would all be lost, and many even dead.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-14Photo Credit: Ernesto Franjul

Give thanks to your doctors and cut them some slack, and if you catch one sleeping bring them a blanket instead of a heated blog post.

A blogger took these pics at 3 am of a med resident sleeping


The blogger added fuel to the fire by writing, “doctors are obliged to do their work”


In Mexico it is standard for resident doctors to work 36-hour shifts in their final years of training.

image541__605Photo Credit: Ge Purugganan

While the blogger that originally posted photos of the sleeping med resident acknowledged the long hours they are expected to work they also said, “We are aware that this is a tiring job but doctors are obliged to do their work.

There are dozens of patients in need of attention.”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-7Photo Credit: Sebastian Alzate

Mexican doctor Juan Carlos was quick to respond in defense of the med student with the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi “I’ve also fallen asleep”


Photo Credit: Equador TV

Carlos said to BBC news, “As a doctor here in Mexico, it’s illegal to take a picture of a patient without their prior consent, even if it’s for medical purposes.

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-15Photo Credit: Caro Leyva

But a patient can take a photo of a doctor with the sole purpose of damaging our reputation.”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-21Photo Credit: Paola Ferez

It didn’t take long for many other doctors to post their own shameless sleeping photos…

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-16Photo Credit: Melita Way

“We are people not machines”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-10Photo Credit: Paul Alexandru

“Tired After 36 hours of no sleep”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-112__605Photo Credit: KG

“Only those who are doctors understand this”

medical-resident-sleeping-overworked-doctors-mexico-yo-tambien-mi-dormi-42__605Photo Credit: Yveth Palomino

“2 am nap”

Image0549__605Photo Credit: Edna Nacu

“Let tired doctors rest. They’re people too”