20 Things Millennials Remember That Generation Z Knows Nothing About

If you were born between 1981 and 1996 you are considered a millennial, a part of Generation Y. There are a lot of stereotypes swirling around about millennials. Older generations say we are ruining the economy, as well as the world at large.

Baby boomers and Generation X often claim millennials are spoiled and entitled; raised without discipline.

We’ve been blamed for wasting all our money on avocado toast, and that’s the reason we can’t afford a house. Never mind the fact that real estate prices have ballooned in recent years while wages have remained largely the same.

Not only are millennials blamed for just about everything, but we are starting to feel ancient before our time thanks to how quickly technology is advancing these days.

Millennials are still relatively young, the oldest members are 38 years old, but we are already starting to feel old in comparison to the new generation of youths raised on smartphones and SnapChat.

Generation Z or “Genz” includes anyone born from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. That means they arrived too late in the game to know what it was like to use a bulky 3M floppy disk to store pictures and documents.

They never got a chance to enjoy a black and white Game Boy, let alone any Game Boy. Heck, they don’t even know that cell phones used to have a black and white screen and NO camera.

They don’t understand how much work goes into caring for a Tamagotchi (take it to the beach and it will die), and they certainly can’t understand the rush that comes with having more Beanie Babies than any of your friends.

Nope, instead, Generation Z babies were born into a far-more technologically advanced world with smartphones, digital cameras, plasma TVs, Xboxes, and itty-bitty external hard drives that can magically store far more material than a massive floppy disk.

So, when millennials started sharing pictures of pre-historic objects from our childhoods on Twitter, Generation Z kids were like what the heck is that? And now, we are feeling older than dirt.

1. Remember when you had to go and get your pictures developed from actual rolls of film? They didn’t just appear on your smartphone and computer…

2. “A kid saw this and said, ‘oh, you 3D-printed the ‘Save’ icon.'”

3. Remember when these were in every single classroom?

I actually asked for one for Christmas one year because I wanted to play school more realistically

4. Nothing like popping in a good cassette tape

I still remember when the tape section started getting smaller and smaller at Target so that they could make more room for the CDs.

5. The Discman was highly futuristic at one point in time

6. Only the best video games ever made!

7. When sharpening your pencil required some muscle



9. Okay, but seriously, do they really not make cars with manual roll up windows anymore?

10. I would never even think to ask this question…


11. Ya’ll… the dial tone is nearly dead

I can still hear it so clearly in my head!


12.  Back when super-sonic Internet speed and streaming were not a thing yet


13. Okay, let’s be real, I was burning CDs until about 5 years ago


14.  This isn’t just a Game Boy, it’s a Game Boy COLOR!




16. OK… but the Backstreet Boys are on a comeback tour


17. Who needs gum when you could have a dissolving piece of mystery paper?


18. Be kind, rewind!

Rugile/Bored Panda

19. For starters, Football Head was a legend


 20. We old now…


h/t: higherperspectives, Bored Panda