The World Voted For The 10 Most Attractive Men For 2018

There are no shortages of top 100 lists on the internet.

From Top Cat Memes, To 100 Most Influential People.

One of them reigns supreme.

And that is a list of  the 100 most attractive men of 2018

This list was voted on by social media users, not a special jury, so you can be sure this is a definitive list of what the populace thinks the most handsome men in the world are.

At first, everybody suggested a candidate and then voted to choose the participants.

Some of the hundred men that got the most “likes” are on this list.

Scroll down to check out the ten men who were chosen as 2018’s most attractive men:


10. Michael B. Jordan, actor

Michael B. Jordan has become popular thanks to his roles in Creed and more recently, Marvels Black Panther.

He spent one-year training daily eating the right food to play the part of a boxer.

He did similar immersive training to play the antagonist in Black panther as well.

He spent the money that he earned on a big mansion where he lives with his parents now.


9. Çagatay Ulusoy, model and actor

Çagatay Ulusoy is a model/actor in Turkey.

His parents come from Bulgaria and Bosnia.

Which explains his unusual appearance.

When he was in school, Çagatay used to play basketball professionally;

however, his friends suggested to start taking acting classes.

Today, he’s one of the most famous actors in Turkey.


8. Henry Cavill, actor

The World Voted For The 10 Most Attractive Men For 2018
© Henry Cavill / Facebook

Henry Cavill wasn’t always considered the leading man he is today.

He once looked at himself as the unluckiest man in hollywood, since all his roles were going to other actors.

However once he became DC’s leading character in their movie universe as Superman, all of that changed.

He now has 3 DC movies under his belt, as well as roles in other high profile movies.

Additionally, Henry Cavill is a well-known animal rights defender and speaks four languages.


7. William Levy, actor

Actor William Levy is not a stranger to such list, as he’s been on them many times before.

And this time he’s in more than well deserved in the top ten.

Baseball helped the once poor immigrant from a Colombian village to become popular.

Firstly, he earned a scholarship and managed to save enough money for acting classes.

He became well-known after he took part in Dancing With the Stars.


6. Toni Mahfud, model

Toni Mahfud, is a German citizen with Syrian ancestors, which gives him his interesting look not just because he is attractive:

he began as a talented photographer and artist who published his works in social media and attracted a lot of attention.

Now, famous worldwide brands work with Toni, and his Instagram page has more than 3.5 million subscribers.


5. Marlon Teixeira, model

The Brazilian bombshell of Marlon Teixeira calls himself a lazy guy that love to surf more than anything else in the world.

When he was only 16 years old, his grandma introduced him to her friend that owned a modeling agency and the teenager was immediately selected for a fashion show.

Ten years ago, in 2008, he first appeared in Paris in a fashion show, and everything is history from there.


4. Maxi Iglesias, actor

The World Voted For The 10 Most Attractive Men For 2018
© Maxi Iglesias / Facebook

Before becoming the famous actor he is, Maxi Iglesias was a DJ and began getting small parts in films.

He became well-known after taking part in Física o Química.

Once, Maxi said his dream was to do a film with his idol, Javier Bardem.


3. Jamie Dornan, actor

The World Voted For The 10 Most Attractive Men For 2018
© Wikipedia

Jamie Dornan was born in Hollywood, County Wicklow in Ireland.

So it was already pre-destined that a couple of decades later, he’d star in California’s Hollywood movies and get tons of fans thanks to his role in Fifty Shades of Grey?

It is worth noting that he loved his beard, but he agreed to shave it for the role.


2. Zayn Malik, singer

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Zayn Malik is a british man who’s parents came from Pakistan.

He is most known for his part in the wildly successful boy band “One Direction” as well as his recently solo project.

From a young age he loved music.

When he was 17, his mother took him to an audition for The X-Factor.

This was the starting point of his music career — firstly in One Direction and then solo.

In 2017, Zayn recorded a song called “Dusk Till Dawn” with Sia.


1. Kim Taehyung, singer

The World Voted For The 10 Most Attractive Men For 2018
© Wikipedia

The first place on the list goes to a South Korean singer that looks like an angel — Kim Taehyung who is best known under his stage name, V. Taehyung loves fooling around on stage and never conceals his emotions.

Perhaps this is why he has so many fans all around the globe.

photo credit Wikipedia