Which Zodiac Signs are the Most Narcissistic?

Narcissists have recently become a popular talking point in psychology circles.

Self-centered, grandiose, lacking in empathy, and believing they are entitled to special treatment, narcissists are toxic individuals who can leave you feeling emotionally and spiritually depleted.

It’s important to remember that people born under any sign can show narcissistic traits.

You should also bear in mind that narcissism is a spectrum.

Some people are highly empathetic, others completely lack empathy, most are in the middle.

Finally, there are different types of narcissist. For example, some are overtly boastful and grandiose – this is the type of narcissist most people think of first.

However, some narcissists will also seek attention by playing the martyr.

This is known as “covert narcissism.”

With these caveats in mind, let’s take a brief look at how narcissism can manifest across the zodiac:

The Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:

Narcissists born under these signs are most likely to be overt narcissists.

They are happy to talk about their ideas, their plans, and they will explain to anyone who listens why they are right and everyone else is wrong.

For example, you may find an Aries boasting about all the money they have made at work, or a Sagittarian narcissist shouting down anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinions.

They typically dismiss anyone who doesn’t go along with their grandiose plans as lacking in imagination or intelligence.

Fire signs are brash, bold, and will be brazen when using other people for personal gain.

At first glance, these narcissists may simply appear confident, with a healthy appreciation for their own talents.

Beware!  Beneath that charismatic exterior lies a calculating mind that views other people only as sources of admiration, social connections, or even money.

The Water signs – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio:

These people are more likely to be covert narcissists.

They are unlikely to boast about their own greatness, but they resort to other methods of manipulation to get their way.

People born under these signs are good at hiding their emotions, so you might not realize you’ve been a victim until it’s too late.

For example, a narcissist born under the sign of Cancer may make a point of putting other people first and then later complaining that everyone else takes advantage of them.

This tactic aims to make other people feel guilty and, as a result, comply with the narcissist’s wishes.

Alternatively, you may come across a Scorpio who is happy to use your secrets against you at a later date, or a Pisces who appears to be a great listener but then gradually turns the tables and forces you to take on the role of their unpaid therapist.

The Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:

Narcissists born under Air signs tend to think of themselves as extremely clever.

In psychological terms, they are prone to cerebral narcissism.

Their tendency to flaunt their knowledge and supposedly high IQ can make them insufferable to be around.

If they went to a prestigious school, they’ll be sure to let you know.

They don’t care about anyone else’s feelings – they just want everyone around them to stroke their egos.

If you dare disagree with them, they will try to humiliate you in front of others by implying that you are just too simple to understand their ideas.

These narcissists do not usually care much for material possessions.

In fact, they may take pride in being somehow above earthly concerns.

They like to play devil’s advocate, and would rather be right than keep the peace – at any cost.

If you make the mistake of admitting that you don’t know much about a particular topic, be prepared to receive a pompous lecture.

The Earth signs – Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo:

People born under these signs love comfort, money, and luxury.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the finer things in life, but this type of narcissist will make a point of flaunting their wealth.

They look down on people who don’t have high-paying jobs, expensive homes, or luxury cars.

Psychologists would say that these people use “status markers” to impress others.

When they meet someone for the first time, they aren’t concerned with their new acquaintance’s character or personality.

Instead, they will be trying to guess how much money they have and judge their worth accordingly.

If you happen to have more money or status than this type of narcissist, their jealousy will soon rear its ugly head.

In an attempt to make themselves feel less insecure, they might take joy in pointing out your flaws or even try to undermine your opinions.

Alternatively, they may resort to outright deception, lying about their profession or possessions to win admiration.

It doesn’t matter what kind of narcissist you are dealing with – the best advice is to run away at the first opportunity.

Remember, a narcissist never changes. They will simply make you miserable, then move onto their next victim.