My biggest fear

Confident people have an allure.

There’s something they walk, talk and act with that gives them an edge.

That allure can help them get the promotion, go on dates with successful people and live a fulfilling life.

What is that allure?

A confident person acts a certain way.

Their energy tells their story, their words fortify their focus on life and their lifestyle is an example of a life well lived.

This allure stems from their actions.

What is it that a confident person does that a less confident person doesn’t do that sets them apart?

They avoid these mistakes.

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1. They don’t use “um”.

Somebody who integrates um into every other sentence tends to seem as if they don’t know what they are talking about.

Removing the ‘um’ sends the message that a person knows what they are talking about and is confident in explaining it.

2. They don’t listen to speak, they listen to hear.

Confidence doesn’t come from a person who interjects between somebody’s sentence with their own opinion.

It comes from the other person.

The one who listens intently and asks a specific follow up question or provides a comment that shows their intellect.

3. They don’t question their actions.


Deciding to take action on a work promotion or asking somebody out for longer than a few hours can lead to becoming crippled with doubt.

The longer you think about a decision, the harder it becomes to make.

Confident people have realized this detrimental flaw and take action immediately.

4. They stay open to new experiences.

Saying no to a dinner party may mean you just said no to meeting the person who could have landed you your dream job.

The best way to create a healthy and happy life is to make saying yes a habit.

A confident person says yes to new experiences because they know how much one yes can change their life.

5. They embrace failure.

Failure is non existent.

Each failure can only bring us closer to the outcome we desired.

If we ask for a promotion at work and our boss says no, we did not fail.

Rather, we checked off a possibility and showed ourselves where to put our focus next.

Confident people embrace failure.

They fall in love with the act of trying, even if it doesn’t always land them where they expected.

6. They don’t stand still.

Have you ever met somebody who wakes up at 5AM to run who is unsuccessful?

A person with enough integrity to prioritize their health and mental state by committing to working out tends to be much more successful than the person who sleeps in.

Confidence comes from knowing your body is in optimal health and spending time at the gym gaining clarity and focus.

7. They don’t stay quiet.

The most confident person in the line at the cafe is the one who turns around and starts talking to the person behind them.

The allure of confidence comes from the person who isn’t afraid to talk with a stranger.

8. They don’t put a ceiling on their success.

There is no such thing as a ceiling when you realize how much potential resides within your body.

Confident people are also aware of this, continuously pushing their careers, relationships and lifestyles to be best fit for them.

They don’t see limitations, rather they believe in the magic of life.

9. They don’t watch hours of Netflix.

A confident person doesn’t spend their days inside watching actors live out their dreams.

They go out and live their own dreams.

Confident people have their confidence because they spend their time growing it by taking action and learning from it.

This can’t be done in bed.

Avoiding these mistakes sets you apart from the crowd.

It makes you into, a confident person.

Somebody who sees without limitation, lives without fear and dives deeply into life’s opportunities.

It gives you the allure.

And changes your life.

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