Meet Some of The Incredible Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

For the longest time, our society has shamed us into unnatural standards of beauty.

From magazines to movies, we are taught to all be flawless, hairless models and to hate ourselves if we aren’t anything but that.

But our bodies are beautiful, just the way they are.

In a world that has been so oppressive to women, it’s great to see that “Acceptance” has become the new social trend.

Everywhere you look, the social norms, and taboos are being challenged.

Especially when it’s concerning feeling secure in your own body.

And after centuries of being shunned, women are finally free to embrace their true form.

For the more conservative among us out there, these changes might seem to be happening too fast and can be disorienting.

But change, and acceptance is never easy.

The latest example of these growing trends of acceptance has been ‘Januhairy’.

While men have their No Shave Novembers, women now have a month of their own to celebrate the natural growth of hair.

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

The Januhairy campaigns purpose is to support Body Gossip’s education program,

which encourages everyone, women and men to be the best version of themselves and “to rock their own brand of gorgeous!”.

They asked people to grow out their body hair for the entire month of January.

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

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30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

“Hi I’m Laura, the gal behind Januhairy! I thought I would write a little about my experiences and how Januhairy came about…

I grew out my body hair for a performance as part of my drama degree in May 2018.

There had been some parts that were challenging for me, and others that really opened my eyes to the taboo of body hair on a woman.

After a few weeks of getting used to it, I started to like my natural hair. I also started to like the lack of uncomfortable episodes of shaving.

Though I felt liberated and more confident in myself, some people around me didn’t understand why I didn’t shave/didn’t agree with it.

I realised that there is still so much more for us to do to be able to accept one another fully and truly.

Then I thought of Januhairy and thought I would try it out. It’s a start at least . . .

I have had a lot of support from my friends and family!

Even though I had to explain why I was doing it to a lot of them which was surprising, and again, the reason why this is important to do!

When I first started growing my body hair my mum asked me “Is it you just being lazy or are you trying to prove a point?” . . .

why should we be called lazy if we don’t want to shave?

And why do we have to be proving a point? After talking to her about it and helping her understand, she saw how weird it was that she asked those questions.

If we do something/see the same things, over and over again it becomes normal.

She is now going to join in with Januhairy and grow out her own body hair which is a big challenge for her as well as many women who are getting involved.

Of course a good challenge!

This isn’t an angry campaign for people who don’t see how normal body hair is, but more an empowering project for everyone to understand more about their views on themselves and others.This picture was taken a few months ago.

Now I am joining in with Januhairy, starting the growing process again along with the other wonderful women who have signed up!

Progress pictures/descriptions from our gals will be posted throughout the month. Lets get hairy”

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself;

comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”~Steve Maraboli • • • @i_am_morgie~ “

…Imagine if everyone just decided that today was the day they loved themselves and embraced every part of them selves.

Accepting and loving your body and your “flaws” because you know they are what makes you who you are.

If you are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned what others think, which will lead to peace of mind.

When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself, there is a profound peace/confidence you will emanate to the world that will inspire others.”

? • • • All the girls joining in januhairy are shaving off their body hair on New Year’s Eve (Monday 31st) ready to kick start the new year with a new challenge!

We have many women who have signed up for this charity project so far, from the age range of 16-60! ✨?✨? Sign up and join in while you can!”

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

Guys have noshavenovember girls have januhairy

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

Let it grow!

Let it grooow!

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

“If you’re a woman – are you comfortable with your body hair?

I try to be, but after almost 2 years of not shaving, I’m still insecure about it.

I get really self conscious when wearing tops, and I usually opt for an option where my armpits are covered. I’m a little more confident about my leg hair, but not much.

I wonder if it will ever be completely chill to show my body hair, or if I will keep feeling the pressure.

I don’t think society is gonna change over night, but really hope to at least see some change in 2019.

A girl can hope, right?

For now I will just try to do my part in showing that body hair on women is ok”

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’


Great time with Freya a few weeks ago, during a brief parting in the stormy clouds in Plymouth

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

“New Year’s resolution for 2019:

1. I’m not going to shave my legs.


Because I don’t know why I started to begin with. My 6yo felt my prickles on my legs the other day & I didn’t know how to explain that I needed to shave & I actually found myself not wanting to explain.

It’s stupid that women do this.

Trust me, this is a big deal. I’ve been so conditioned my entire life to care about how I look.

Western culture puts way too much emphasis on image & I am trying to break that cycle for myself & my family. This is a start to being comfortable in my own skin, err hair.”

30 Powerful Pictures Of Women Who Chose Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’

What do you think of the ‘Januhairy” campaign?

Did you join?

If not, would you think of doing it next year?

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