The Original Gerber Baby, Now 91, Poses With The New Gerber Baby In Adorable Pic

We all know the face of the original Gerber baby – those puckered lips, wide eyes and chubby cheeks are the epitome of an adorable baby. Yet, few of us know the actual story behind the original Gerber baby and the woman she grew up to be.

The year was 1928 when Ann Turner Cook became the Gerber baby; she was four months old. Artist Dorothy Hope Smith submitted the charcoal sketch of Ann’s sweet baby face to the company who had just launched their first advertising campaign.

Fast-forward 91 years, and there’s a new Gerber baby in town!

Meet Lucas Warren, an adorable one-year-old who beat out over 140,000 entries for the official title of Gerber baby.

While there have been many Gerber babies in between, both Lucas and Ann hold a special place in history. Ann was the first-ever Gerber baby, and Lucas is the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome.

Recently, these two had the chance to meet.

“My grandmother was the Gerber baby. It was a funny bit of trivia, never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything. But last week she got to meet the company’s newest spokesbaby, named Lucas. Pretty pretttty cute,” Chris Collin’s shared via Twitter.

Collin’s, Ann Cook’s Grandson, shared the adorable photo of his grandmother posing with the 2018 Gerber baby on her lap, the two wearing adorable grins.

The two met while Warren’s family was on vacation in Florida. Both parties thought it would be neat to meet face-to-face.

According to a report by USA Today, Warren’s doting parents, Cortney and Jason, said that their little one “immediately bonded” with Cook.

“Lucas walked right up to her, flashing his signature smile and waving, and we could tell he loved her right away. He even grabbed two cookies and offered her one, which she accepted!”

These two Gerber babies are ninety years apart – at completely different stages in life, and yet they share similar beginnings. They also share sweet smiles, bright eyes, and round cheeks associated with the Gerber baby campaign.

The photo of the smiling duo posing together quickly went viral – people can’t get enough of the sweet moment shared between the two.

Gerber shared the photo to their social media account as well, along with the hashtags “#HistoryMade” and “#AnythingForBaby”

People are digging the decades of history this photo brings to light. Plus, many people have their own connections to the photo.

“Your grandma still looks great! As a summer job in high school I used to give tours of the Gerber plant in Fremont, MI so I used to talk about your grandma a lot. I love the story of that unfinished charcoal sketch…” shared Timmy Beaverhausen on Twitter.

Timmy was even able to produce a copy of the old sketch he’d held onto throughout the years.

Twitter user Kathy Smith chimed in to share her connection to the original Gerber baby. “My Godfather did the lithography on the Gerber baby, the late George Jerabek.”

The current Gerber baby, Lucas Warren, stole our hearts last February when his photos hit the web, highlighting his infectious smile.

“Lucas’ winning smile and joyful expression won our hearts this year, and we are all thrilled to name him our 2018 Spokesbaby,” said Bill Partyka, president and CEO of Gerber, on the brand’s decision to choose Warren as the newest Gerber baby.

He added: “Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s longstanding heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby, and this year, Lucas is the perfect fit.”

Lucas was awarded $50,000, which his parents said will go towards his education.

The Warrens were very emotional about their son’s title as the Gerber baby.

“We hope this opportunity sheds light on the special needs community and educates people that with acceptance and support, individuals with special needs have the potential to change the world – just like our Lucas!” his mother shared in a statement.