This Paralyzed Dog Was Abandoned On The Street With A Broken Wheelchair And A Bag Of Diapers

Lunita’s Wish

Lunita’s life offers a story of hope and survival against all odds.

Her journey began long before she was found abandoned on the streets of Saita, Argentina – but the state that her first owner’s left her in shows that the start to her life was probably not the best.

The scared and lonely dog was left tied up in front of a dog grooming place with nothing more than a broken wheelchair and a bag of diapers.

A local passing by noticed the dog all alone and clearly in need of help. They scooped her up and took her to a nearby veterinarian clinic where the vet helped clean her up and even hooked her up with a new working wheelchair.

Now that she was mobile again, Lunita was ready to tackle life paws first. Sadly, her struggles weren’t over quite yet.

The family who rescued her was a on a mission to find the right home for the sweet dog and so they alerted the rescue organization LUBA Salta.

Lunita’s Wish

Even with their help, and so many people on team Lunita, there was little hope of finding this sweet girl a home because of the extra care she required.

One family showed interest in adopting the pup. Sadly, they weren’t prepared to take care of the disabled dog and so it didn’t work out and she was returned to the shelter.

Things took an even sadder turn when Lunita developed a serious staphylococcal infection after sleeping in a mite infested bed. The infection paired with scabies and urine scalding caused her to lose all of her hair from the waist down, including her tail.

At the same time, she was suffering from a urinary tract infection that caused her a lot of pain, to the point she would yelp whenever a caretaker cleaned her up after using the restroom.

That’s when the shelter turned to social media, posting Lunita’s story for the world to read. They got a huge response – so many people wanted to turn Lunita’s life around and give her the happy ever after she so very much deserved.

Lunita’s Wish

A new adoptive family vowed to take Lunita in and give her a better life than she’d been dealt thus far.

Lunita was a fighter. She recovered from all of her struggles and went on to live an incredible life with her new family.

She ended up scoring the jackpot of homes, her new family was fabulous. They lived on a sprawling piece of land that backed up to a forest where Lunita spent much of her time just playing and being a dog.

Thanks to Eddie’s Wheels, Lunita received a speedy wheelchair to help her get around better than ever.

Lunita’s Wish

With a new wheelchair and her health in tow, Lunita began to enjoy everything that life has to offer, like traveling, making new friends and even having her own birthday parties.

Much of her journey was shared on her Facebook page Lunita’s Wish.

Sadly, shortly after celebrating her 11th birthday on June 15, 2018, Lunita became very ill and was rushed to the emergency clinic.

Lunita’s Wish

She was put in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at the University Medical Hospital. She was given the best possible care, but she didn’t make it.

“Her prognosis wasn’t good, and her breathing was continuing to worsen. Each time they took her off of oxygen, her tongue would start to turn blue. We decided that it was time to let her go,” her family wrote on Facebook.

Lunita passed away surrounded by the love of her family. She may have entered this world seemingly unlucky, but she left it incredibly blessed.

Lunita’s Wish

Her family, along with her thousands of followers mourned her passing.

Lunita’s brother Wednesday, who is also disabled and uses a wheelchair to get around, missed her more than most.

“After Lunita died, Wednesday was in severe mourning. I have a box filled with Lunita’s tutus, hats, and clothes. It’s in our guest bedroom. Wednesday would sleep next to her box of tutus every single night,” the family wrote on Facebook.

“During the day, Wednesday slept next to Lunita’s favorite orthopedic bed. He was not himself for over a month. Wednesday is very in touch with his emotions.”

Lunita’s Wish

It’s been a little over a year since Lunita’s passing and her story is still being shared all around the world.

Her Facebook page remains active, here her family shares photos of her siblings and cousins, all of whom she loved dearly.