What Is Your Perfect First Date According to Your Zodiac Sign?

A great first date can launch a beautiful relationship, whereas an awkward encounter can derail it before it has a chance to begin.

Choosing the right location and activity is crucial.

If you are thinking of making the first move and asking someone out, why not look to their zodiac sign for some inspiration?

Here’s a few date ideas for each sign:


Arians are easily bored, highly competitive, and always want to have fun.

An indoor arcade, laser tag, or a bowling alley will give your Aries date plenty to see and do, and they’ll appreciate the chance to win.

If you want a less energetic date, take some board games to a park or café and let them thrash you at chess or checkers.


Your Taurean date will appreciate fine food and drink, so this gives you plenty of options.

You could take them to a high end restaurant, or, if you want to be more original, suggest a cookery class, pop-up food fair, or a wine tasting at a local vineyard.


A Gemini doesn’t have much patience for conventional dates.

Instead, set up a quirky outing.

For instance, you could take them to an outdoor film screening, a fairground, a live poetry event, or a roller derby  match.

Be prepared to ask their opinion; Geminis love to discuss everything going on around them.


Cancerians like to feel safe and secure, and don’t enjoy adrenalin-packed dates.

They are perfectly happy to stay at home and cook a romantic dinner, but a cosy café or quiet museum are other suitable options.

They like water, so a boat trip on a lake would work well.

Alternatively, take a trip to the seaside, sit in silence, and watch the waves crash on the shore.


A contemporary art gallery makes for a good date with a Leo, because they have a strong creative streak and appreciate the arts.

They also love being in the spotlight, so they’ll appreciate a chance to perform – karaoke or a dance class will suit them.

You could also take them to a dance club and let them show off!


Virgos can be highly strung, so set up a date that gives them a much-needed opportunity to relax.

They also appreciate organization, so plan well in advance.

Go on a romantic picnic, spend an afternoon at a spa, or take a stroll around a beautiful formal garden.


A typical Libran loves traditional dates that demonstrate care and effort, such as dinner at an upscale restaurant followed by a romantic walk beside a river.

They also appreciate culture, so music, a play, or some other kind of live performance will win you their admiration. 


Scorpios have an affinity for the darker, more mysterious side of life.

A macabre museum exhibition, a sophisticated horror film, or gritty play are all strong choices.

Alternatively, take them to a cool underground bar or club that has an air of exclusivity.


A local day trip or hike will be well-received by your Sagittarius date, because these people love spending time outdoors.

They also like animals, so a zoo, aquarium, wildlife park, or even a long stroll with your dog are all likely to be successful.


If you want to impress a Capricorn, make them feel special by securing tickets to a gallery opening, an exclusive screening, or a table at a new, critically acclaimed restaurant.

If you are on a limited budget, suggest a date that incorporates at least a touch of luxury, such as a visit to a smart art gallery or taking afternoon tea.   


To hold an Aquarian’s attention, you will need to stimulate their mind.

Something focused on innovation and technology , such as a science museum or an observatory, will kickstart the kind of interesting conversation they love.

Attending a lecture or poking around in an old bookstore will also earn you their favor.


Pisceans dislike loud, busy places – they are too jarring for their sensitive natures.

They like dates that indulge their dreamy side.

They also have an interest in the supernatural.

Take them on a ghost tour, or find an obscure occult store to browse.

As a water sign, they love the ocean.

A picnic on the beach will suit most Pisceans perfectly.

Don’t forget to take your own preferences into account.

You deserve to have fun too!

If you can think of a date idea that you both enjoy, you will both have an amazing time.