21 Places to Take a Nap Straight Out Of Your Fantasies

When is the last time you slept out under the stars, waking up to the warmth of the rising sun on your face?

As humans we build houses, close windows, and crank up the air conditioning.

But we are a part of nature, and enjoying the outdoors is good for the soul.

In order to get the full experience of napping outdoors ditch your back porch and look elsewhere.

Floating down a river, sleeping in a human-size bird nest–where have you always dreamed about taking a nap?

What if we told you even your wildest fantasies are a real reality. It’s true, you can take a nap almost anywhere!

Hotels, companies, and even everyday people continue to create all sorts of ways to nap out in nature.

Including, suspended near the clouds, hanging over a jungle, or tucked deep beneath the ocean.

These photos explore 21 of the neatest places you can take a nap–literally right out of the pages of your wildest fantasies.

Let’s just say, you never know where you could wake up!


1. Instead of counting sheep, count fish.

underwaterbedPhoto Credits: Tapeta

2. This lakeside retreat provides privacy without any window coverings! 


enhanced-buzz-30141-1390849446-28Photo Credits: Architizer

3. The enchanted forest princess sleeps here…
enchantedsleep1Photo Credits: Ditte Isager 

4. Sleep like a mermaid, just be careful not to roll off or you might be shark bate. 

bedinoceanPhoto Credits: the VoGUEtte 

5. A real water bed awaits. These docks in Bravo, Croatia don’t attach to boats; instead they offer an incredibly comfortable bed for the most soothing nap ever.

enhanced-buzz-30134-1390840066-18Photo Credits: The Writer’s Ink

6. Anytime, anywhere fairy naps! You can use materials around the house and your own backyard to recreate a fantastic place to spend the day—responsibilities, zero!

everyonecansleepoutisdePhoto Credits: A Place To Get Lost


7. Off the coast of Maldives you can eat, sleep, and nap on the water.

maldivesPhoto Credits: Asia One

8. A human bird nest for napping. Using a Black Diamond Hanging Cliff (which cost around $500) you can suspend yourself just about anywhere and take in the unbelievable views. Just be careful that you are securely attached and know how to get down!

enhanced-buzz-2550-1390845918-5Photo Credits:Buzz Feed


9.The one who sleeps here must be out catching fish, or batteries to make her lamp work.

floatingwaterbedPhoto Credits: White Maria

10. The most luxurious plastic pool rafts ever. These are not some dinky plastic pool toys here.  These are king-size plush beds made to float above clear blue waters.

fancypooltoysPhoto Credits: Brookstone

11. Many people wake up to the sounds of the ocean each morning. This underwater room allows you to wake up INSIDE of the ocean, alongside a flurry of brightly-colored fish. 

undertheseabedPhoto Credits: Trannhadep

12.  I love to read–but who can stuff their nose in a book when this is your view?!?! Careful not to get any of the pages wet!

blueoceanbedPhoto Credits: Paisagistica

13. Some people don’t like to bathe in bug repellant, or deal with the risks of being out in nature. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the gorgeous sights found only outdoors. This cozy luxury bed offers the best of both worlds.

bringoutdoorsinsidePhoto Credits: CN Traveler 

14. This water couch in paradise offers the new best place to have drinks with your friends.

waterchillspottonapPhoto Credits: OWNC 

15. Hanging chairs made by artist Maffam Freeform allow you to hang out in your garden like never before.

gardenbedsforpeoplePhoto Credits: Modern Archetype  

16. How many secrets have been whispered in this secret garden? Or are visitors so spellbound by the comfort and beauty they forget to talk all together?


17. Usually lounge chairs are lined up side by side, making it difficult to communicate with your lounge partners. This neat poolside napping chair solves that problem. 2 people can rest on this, one facing the other. My only question: who gets the side facing the sun?


pool chair2Photo Credits: Pinterest

18. Nothing compares to this intricately detailed garden bed, made for naps and snacks–check out the table behind the swinging hammock!

gardenparadisePhoto Credits: Gardens of My Life 

19. Take a nap suspended above this calm lake. While all of those fluffy pillows sure look nice–I imagine some getting knocked into the water.

rivernestfornapsPhoto Credits: Gardening Forum 

20. These garden beds bring a whole new meaning to ‘Bubble Boy.’

bubbleboyPhoto Credits: Last oto

21. That’s a wrap–goodnight!

sleepingonthewaterPhoto Credits: Chicken Life