18 Times Poor College Students Proved They’re The Smartest And Most Creative People On Campus

Poor college students rejoice in your brilliant minds and nonstop creativity!

One day, after you get your diploma and pay off those student loans you will be rich enough to afford the latest gadgets, like a Kitchen Aid mixer or maybe a simple toaster, but today you have to make ends meet using your innermost creativity.

Poor college students everywhere are using social media to share the awesome ways they have beat the system, saving money while still enjoying life.

Thanks to the Internet we get to take a peek inside the brilliant minds of tomorrow’s future… and as it turns out we are in good hands, the future working force is pretty brilliant and resourceful.

Still have doubts about the intellect of those raging partiers, aka college students?

Then take a peek at these 18 genius ideas that prove they are much smarter than you may think!

1.  “As a Uni student with no money, I give you my new cups”

broke-people-are-genius-24__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Who needs to waste money on electricity when you can store your beer in the snow?

broke-people-are-genius-58__605Photo Credit: swight74

3. No need to waste money on water when you have drinking fountains near your dorm room.

broke-people-are-genius-7__605Photo Credit: BrianDawkins

4. Side mirror broke off? No problem!

broke-people-are-genius-44__605Photo Credit: tractorcrusher

5. That’s one alternative to buying a new showerhead…

broke-people-are-genius-60__605Photo Credit: dontknowbuthello 

6. “Went to visit my son in college. This is his porch furniture”

broke-people-are-genius-13__605Photo Credit: GoBucks111

7. Apparently coffee machines double as pasta makers

Is anyone else thinking of the show Cutthroat Kitchen?

broke-people-are-genius-271__605Photo Credit: will_evans10199

8. One way to save money on room service when your hotel doesn’t offer an in-room microwave

I pity the next person that stays in this room and tries to iron their white blouse with this grease stained iron!

broke-people-are-genius-201__605Photo Credit: Wyofire

9. When you can’t afford a BBQ and aren’t old enough to worry about the potential health or sanitation issues related to this…

broke-people-are-genius-40__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. “I found the other phone speakers lacking something, so I made this”

broke-people-are-genius-321__605Photo Credit: Bresus

11. Ruler + can top = affordable DIY pizza cutter

broke-people-are-genius-571__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. No one told this broke college student that they sell shower rings at the dollar store

broke-people-are-genius-2__605Photo Credit: McDrank

13. Old barstool = new trashcan

broke-people-are-genius-14__605Photo Credit: tslab

14. Easy way to fix your oddly broken couch

broke-people-are-genius-39__605Photo Credit: Unknown

15. No need for a strainer when you’ve got a tennis racquet on hand

broke-people-are-genius-5__605Photo Credit: Ethan_Nj

16. And like magic the sock hole is gone!

broke-people-are-genius-22__605Photo Credit: shotsfiredyo 

17. The cheapest way to stock up on milk

broke-people-are-genius-6__605Photo Credit: brendan1018

18. Multi-purpose power tools

broke-people-are-genius-48__605Photo Credit: eskimo151