Thirsty Men Won’t Leave You Alone? This Guy Is Posting Pics That’ll Save Your Day

Do you have an issue with thirsty men sending you unwanted d-pics through DM? What about guys you have no interest in who are constantly asking you to send pics, or wanting to know what you’re up to?

We’ve got a genius solution for you!

Meet Trevor Norris, known as @trevor_norris0 on Twitter. This guy is here for ya’ll.

Trevor’s original Tweet on the matter has now gone viral with over 108,000 likes and 24,650 retweets. The tweet includes Trevor’s clever idea for getting rid of “thirsty dudes.”

Here’s what Trevor had to say about getting guys to leave you alone…

While Trevor reminds the world that the “block button is always available,” he has posted several batches of photos for women to use before resorting to blocking a dude. And you have to admit, his way is a lot more fun and satisfying than simply clicking ‘block user’.


Right away, people started to notice that this could be the solution to at least some of their problems.


Once people starting putting Trevor’s pics to use, they realized that it worked!

Some dudes that were harassing women got the hint real quick after receiving Trevor’s photos


Sometimes no response is the best possible outcome. Case and point:

“Thank you for these pics sweet prince, you saved me”


Some guys were quick to deny being in a girl’s DMs in recent history… a good sign that they’ll stay out of them from here on out!


Most guys were at least a little thrown off by getting Trevor’s pics in response. But others were still filled with wishing thinking — you the brother? 


“He got it enough” – Trevor Norris

You guessed it… some of these thirsty guys turned angry when they couldn’t get a sip of their desired beverage.


Trevor has officially started a movement and other guys are jumping on board to help, like hunky Houlton Roberts

Wondering who is taking these photos? So are we, along with everyone else…

Looking for something a little more custom? Trevor has you covered. Just shoot him a DM.

I can’t help but laugh at the irony of it… Trevor is helping women get rid of men sending/requesting photos but now Trevor has a gaggle of women DMing him for pics, it’s hilarious really.

Thank you Trevor, you are much appreciated!