5 Daily Problems Only Introverts will Understand

It is oftentimes very difficult to be an introvert person in extrovert-oriented world like ours.

According to social stereotypes and pop culture, extroverted lifestyle seems like the only right way to live your life.

It comes as no surprise that introverts often have hard times adopting to the society and its expectations.

If you feel awkward in social situations and avoid things that most other people in your circle find enjoyable, you may feel as you are the only person with this problem and that everyone else seem to have such a good time.

However, there are millions of introverts, just like yourself, who face every single day as a challenge and struggle to fit in the society that seems to suit only to the extrovert personalities.

These are some common problems that only introverts understand and can relate to.

If some, or all of these seem familiar, know that you are not alone in your struggle.

1. You don’t enjoy and would rather avoid social events and parties

As an introvert, you feel lonelier when you are among other people than when you are by yourself.

At social events and parties, people rarely talk about deep topics or things that you feel passionate about.

Extroverts go to such gatherings to ‘have fun’, which means to babble about everyday happenings and latest gossips.

Introverts love deep conversations and for them it is a particular challenge to participate in small talks with a group of people and feign interest out of politeness, while they are being bombarded with the information they couldn’t care less about.

When you are in such situations as an introvert, it is difficult not to feel the wall that separates you from other people or that you are wasting your precious free time that you could have otherwise spent doing things that you actually enjoy and love.

That is why introverts, as a rule of thumb, avoid social events or at least try to attend to as fewer of those as possible.

2. Phone calls and interactions with strangers feel particularly uncomfortable

For many introverts, sound of a doorbell or a phone ringing is downright distressful and annoying, especially if they don’t expect any visitors or calls.

Oftentimes, introverts simply ignore the phone calls, keep their phones on silent or switched off and, in case of unexpected visitors, pretend that they are not at home.

Also, the situations when you actually have to call and talk to a strangers can be equally stressful.

You may find yourself postponing to make a phone call until the last possible moment or needing to gather courage before you actually dial a number.

3. You often feel as if others underestimate you

You may be a well-educated and very intelligent person, but because you rather keep quiet and avoid showing off, you may realize that people that don’t know you well tend to underestimate your intelligence and your talents.

This tendency is painfully evident in professional relationships when you start witnessing less brilliant and capable people getting promoted due to their social skills, while you are left behind and skipped.

Even worse, you may hear your superiors telling you how they are aware of your brilliance and productivity, but if you want that promotion, you need to be ‘more socially active’.

4. You find working in a team particularly burdensome

People around you who talk to each other, make you feeling impossible to focus on a task and keep your thoughts straight.

In order to get inspiration and come up with new ideas, you need quite opposite from extroverted personalities – privacy and quiet.

That is why you will often avoid working in a team if at all possible and therefore suffer difficulties in advancing your career.

Most companies are very clear in the preference they give to team players over individualists. While some tasks do require teamwork, most don’t.

Introverts accomplish great results and come up with great insights and ideas when working alone.

Focusing on extrovert personalities only within a company culture doesn’t only prevent introverts from getting a promotion, but also demonstrates a serious lack of management insight.

5. You feel extremely uncomfortable when you are in the spotlight

As an introvert, you can’t stand people’s attention being focused on you, so you will avoid talking in groups or public speaking at all costs.

You will always prefer one-on-one talks with a person with whom you feel comfortable being yourself and whom you know well.

For this same reason, you avoid talking about yourself and would rather completely avoid talking with acquaintances or distant relatives who are bombing you with personal questions you feel aren’t their business.

If you are unable to avoid these situations, you will find yourself oftentimes trying to change the conversation topic.

All introverts understand this very well, but you will have difficult times getting support by your extrovert immediate environment, who won’t understand your reluctance to ‘catch up’.


As an introvert, you may be familiar with all, or only some of these problems.

Many other introverts face them as difficulties in their everyday lives and one of the ways to deal with it is taking openly about it and spreading awareness that extrovert approach to living isn’t the only one.