23 Chubby Puppies Mistaken For Teddy Bears

Chubby little puppy dogs are so very cute, but sometimes they don’t look like dogs at all!

In fact, some chubby puppies are being misidentified as sweet and cuddly teddy bears.

Some of the “puppies” on this list might not even be canine at all.

Some people believe bears have been sneaking out of the woods and imitating dogs to get lots of free treats and love.

Get ready for some serious cuteness overload…

if this list of chubby puppies doesn’t make you want your very own canine teddy bear I don’t know what will!

1. Newfoundland Puppy Looks Just Like A Little Black Bear


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Alaskan Malamute

This adorable Alaskan malamute looks like a little bear ready for a cold winter snow.


Photo Credit: unknown

3. Fuzzy Chow Chow Puppy

…Or is he a baby black bear?


Photo Credit: pheed.com

4. Poodle Puppy

Which cutie is the stuffed teddy bear and which is the poodle?!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. German Shepherd, Akita, AND Corgi Mix = Such A Cute Teddy Bear!


Photo Credit: slambient

6. Golden Doodle Puppy

By far one of the most popular “designer dogs” and for good reason, just look at how cute this little guy is!


Photo Credit: katesacliche.com

7. Teacup Pomeranian



Photo Credit: jungpuppyclub.blogspot.com

8. Tibetan Mastiff


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Samoyed Puppy

The Samoyed dog is genetically closer to the primitive dog than any other modern dog breed.

Samoyeds have no wolf or fox in their genetics, but this photo makes me think there might be some bear in there!


Photo Credit: indulgy.com

10. Caucasian Ovcharka

He’s not a tiny puppy but he still looks like a cuddly bear! The Caucasian Ovcharka is a rare flock-guardian breed that originated in the Caucasus Mountains.

As opposed to man-made dog breeds, the Caucasian is a naturally occurring breed.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

11. Chow Chow Puppies

The Chow Chow is uniquely adorable with a black tongue and super thick double coat.

The ancient Chinese breed clearly resembles a teddy bear!


Photo Credit: unknown

12.  Keeshond And American Eskimo Mix

Who let the bear in the car?!?


Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Pomeranian

Too cute to be real! Boo is so very cute he is famous…

I mean REALLY famous. In fact, his Facebook page has over 17 million likes.

This adorable Pomeranian loves chicken, cheese, flowers, and dirt… and that’s just for dinner!

He also loves running around outside, squeaky toys, and pretending to be a baby bear of course.


Photo Credit: Boo

14. Akita Puppy

Akita is a large dog breed originating from the mountains of Japan.

There are two different strains of the Akita.

The American Akita is available in every standard dog color, and the traditional Japanese Akita comes in a limited range of colors.


Photo Credit: Reddit

15. Chow Chow Puppy


Photo Credit: unknown

16. Panda Bear Puppies

The unique coloring of these dogs make them look suspiciously like panda bears.


Photo Credit: Kavin Raj

17. Eurasier Puppy

At only 10-weeks-old this adorable Eurasier puppy could fool you into thinking he’s at least part bear!

Not only is this dog breed extremely adorable, they are also loyal, affectionate and smart.


Photo Credit: Josefine Eline

18. Another Adorable Chow Chow Pup!

Judging by how many made this list, Chow Chow puppies resemble teddy bears more than most dog breeds.


Photo Credit: unknown

19. Poodle Cuddles Identical Teddy Bear


Photo Credit: Walls Joy

20. Pomeranian Puppy


Photo Credit: fmarzio

21. Bouvier De Flandres Puppy


Photo Credit: zoom

22. Full Grown Chow Chow Bear

Even after the cute little puppy stage is over, the Chow Chow still resembles a big fuzzy-wuzzy bear!


Photo Credit: Annie Scully

23. Australian Labradoodle

This allergen free breed gives everyone an opportunity to own a living teddy bear!


Photo Credit: Greg Gorski