Russian Kid With Depression Asks r/RoastMe To Roast Him So He’d Have A Reason To End It All, Internet Responds

Depression is a hard battle that most people go through silently.

While there’s many resources out there to help those going through it, most people who suffer from it choose to internalize it, or use negative methods of trying to suppress.

If untreated or unchecked depression can take complete hold of a person, and at the worst can lead to suicide.

Recently one 17 year old boy from Russia suffering from depression took to the internet for a chilling reason.

User u/MufasaQuePasa posted a picture of himself in the subreddit called r/RoastMe, a community on reddit specializing in putting people down and saying the nastiest thing they can think of.

But when this 17 year old Russian with crippling depression wrote on the subreddit “Give me a reason to end it all,” The community answered with a surprising response.

Everyone went against the normal community guidelines of roasting people as harsh as possible, and gave this struggling teen a reason to keep fighting.

Seeing this community go against the norms and go out of their way to make sure this kid doesn’t “end it all” really restores my faith in humanity.

Keep scrolling down and check out these heartwarming responses.

Although it could’ve been very easy to continue roasting this user just like every other person who posted on the subreddit, they REFUSED to do so.

People even started sharing heart breaking personal stories to sympathize with him and his struggle.

u/Dadofpsycho shared that he was the same age as his son who committed suicide a few months earlier.

Users also did their best to give him compliments to build up his self esteem.

Some jokes got through, but even they were supportive.

u/Garage_Dragon had a great analogy for how surprising these responses were

I’m with the others!

Only people with inflated egos get made fun of!

Such wholesome comments in a sea of dark humor

One redditor had no idea but lives in the same building as the Russian teen.

People have also sympathized saying they see the same pain in their eyes that they have.

People even have family members in the same boat.

More heart breaking stories of others who lost their family members to suicide came pouring in. Wishing that the Russian teen has the strength to keep going.

People shared their stories of their darkest times in hopes to show it gets better.

The story even went viral on another subreddit called r/Wholesemememes

It was such a wonderful surprise on the internet that it warmed peoples heart everywhere!

Truly gave people hope in a dark world.

What do you think of the surprising turn of events on this subreddit?

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