If You Have A Sister, You Must See These 20 Relatable Sister Tweets

I don’t know what I’d do without my sister.

There are days that she drives me crazy – especially when we were younger. Like the time, way back when in high school, she lurked all over my Myspace to find photos of me at parties and created a slideshow presentation for my parents to show them ‘what a bad kid I was’.

You guessed it, I was grounded for weeks and I swore I’d hate her forever.

Even though she was a little brat once upon a time, she’s my best friend today and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Siblings are truly the best gift your parents can give you.

Sisters share so much more than similar features, facial expressions, and clothing. We share a past, a future, and so many laughs.

If you are blessed with a sister, the following tweets will feel so relatable.


Did you know that you spend more time with your sister than anyone else?

According to a study out of Pennsylvania State University, by the time children turn 11, they’ve spent around 33% of their spare time with their siblings.

All of that time spent together leads to an insane amount of arguing.

One study found that siblings between the ages of 3 and 7 years old get into 3 ½ altercations each hour. Toddler siblings fight even more – about once every 10 minutes.

The fact you can make it through all of this bickering and still love one another further solidifies your sisterly bond.


No matter if you are the younger or older sibling, your sister helped you develop important interpersonal skills.

Younger sisters look up to their older sister(s) and, as a result, learn how to deal with tricky situations later in life.

On the other hand, older sisters take on a nurturing role that helps develop their compassion and caring for others.


Are you the older sibling? Make sure to tell your sister that you’re smarter, science says so!

Studies have found that younger siblings tend to have a higher IQ at birth but older siblings take the lead by age 12 with a 3-point IQ advantage.

The logic behind this is that older siblings strive to offer a perfect example for their younger siblings, and in the process strengthen their own understanding of concepts and ideas.


65% of mothers and 70% of fathers tend to favor one child over the other – who’s the favorite in your family?


Having a sister may make you skinnier. A study out of Sweden found that children who grew up with siblings are less likely to become overweight.

On the other hand, only children receive more pampering and don’t have to share anything, which actually increases the likelihood of obesity.


Enjoy a strong marriage? Thank your sister.

A study conducted at Ohio State University found that for every sibling you are blessed with (up to 7), you are 2% less likely to get a divorce.

That’s because siblings teach us how to cope with others and maintain strong relationships.


A study held at the Leiden University in the Netherlands noticed that younger siblings tend to be more aggressive, extroverted and rebellious than their older siblings.

Researchers concluded that younger siblings feel the need to be louder and more assertive to stand up to their older siblings and get attention from their parents.


Younger siblings also tend to be healthier and are less prone to allergies and ailments like eczema than their older siblings.

The theory behind this is that by the time the younger sibling enters the home it is already flooded with germs and bacteria, which helps foster a stronger immune system.


Share any vices with your sister? It’s a common thing! If your older sister drinks and smokes, you are twice as likely to do so as well.


If one of your parents passed away, or your parents divorced or fought a lot while you were growing up, it could make your sisterly bond even stronger.

According to Jeffrey Kluger, the author of The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us, siblings hold tighter to one another if something happens to their parents because they don’t want to lose their family unit.


An estimated 80% of Americans have at least one brother or sister. Today’s kids are more likely to grow up with a sibling than a father.


In most cases, your sibling offers the longest relationship you’ll have with anyone throughout your life.









Don’t forget to hug your sister today, or at least send her a text and remind her how much you love her.