8 Relationship Problems You Simply Cannot Fix

Most of the problems that you encounter with your significant other – and you will definitely encounter problems throughout your journey together – can be talked through, worked on and eventually, solved together.

There are however, a certain number of relationship problems that will be almost impossible to fix and that will make you question and re-evaluate whether you made the right choice in your partner.

1. Contempt

Feeling contempt towards your partner is a tale-tell sign that something seriously isn’t right in your relationship.

Whether it is only you who feels the disdain or it is a mutual feeling, it is an extremely destructive emotion that will gradually corrode the foundations of your relationship, eventually causing its collapsing.

2.  Endless and needless arguments

It is completely normal that you will not agree with your partner on every little thing and that you will run into arguments from time to time.

However, if you feel provoked and urged to disagree with every little thing that your partner says, it will quickly transform into an unhealthy environment where a successful relationship simply cannot thrive.

Likewise, if you feel that you are on the receiving end of being criticized and contradicted at everything that you say or do, unfortunately there aren’t many options left to try.

In most cases this is a sign of disrespect and incompatibilities that go deeper than just simple disagreements over mundane things.

If there is no tolerance in a relationship and mutual desire to understand and accept the differences between the partners, falling out is just a matter of time.

3. Cheating


When it happens, for a receiving party being cheated on feels nothing short of devastating. It destroys, trust, confidence and feelings of love towards your partner.

Once it happens, it is extremely difficult to restore the previous relationship dynamics and trust. In most cases, it is outright impossible.

It can happen only if your partner feels genuine remorse and is willing to work with you through all the difficult stages that rebuilding of trust takes.

If there is no such will, or worse, if your partner is a serial cheater, falling out is inevitable.

In some cases, the partner who is cheated on chooses to stay in such a relationship, but even if they do, it is for the reasons other than remaining in a healthy relationship.

4. Secretive and Distant Partner

In every healthy relationship it is perfectly normal that both you and your partner have time that you spend apart, where you can indulge in your separate interests, hobbies or meeting friends.

That being said, in a healthy relationship it is not normal that this ‘free time’ is shrouded in the veil of mystery.

While it is one thing to have privacy, being secretive about the time you spend away from your partner is another thing entirely.

Healthy relationships are based on trust, honesty and mutual respect of your partner’s privacy.

Distance and secretiveness create a fertile ground for the feeling of abandon, emotional incompleteness and the range of other relationship problems such feelings may provoke.

5. Incompatible Libido

Sex is a very important part of every long-term relationship.

By exploring each other’s sexuality partners grow together and nurture the feeling of intimacy.

If your need for sex is significantly different than that of your partner, it may lead to a wide range of consequences that, if untreated, may lead to the collapse of the relationship.

The partner whose need for sex is greater may develop the feelings of inadequacy, rejection and self-doubt.

The other partner may feel as if the sex is the only thing that interests their significant other, planting the whole different specter of emotions.

Even though the counseling can help to some extent, in most cases there is a strong feeling of inadequacy that corrodes such relationships.

6. Avoidant Partner

If two people with different ideas of intimacy end up together, there will certainly be problems due to different perceptions of what being in a relationship means.

If you need frequent confirmations of love, you will have trouble bridging a gap with a partner who is distant, dismissive and not comfortable with intimacy gestures.

If you aren’t receiving the affection you need, it may eventually turn you into an insecure and emotionally highly demanding partner, which may further draw away the avoidant type of person.

This is kind of incompatibility that is very difficult to surmount and frequently ends in a breakup.

7. Narcissistic Partner

If you have a partner with narcissistic personality disorder, maintaining such a relationship will be a constant uphill battle.

It will always be an endless circle of manipulation, feelings of rejection and inadequacy, only to be pulled in again by false promises and expectations of betterment.

A partner with this kind of disorder is incapable of feeling empathy and usually is very good at gaslighting and manipulating you into feeling guilty and staying with them. 

8.  Lack of open communication

If your partners lack the ability to open up to you and honestly talk about their feelings and problems, it may even lead you to development of anxiety and disappointment.

A partner in life is not only someone with whom you share good times, but also the bad ones and knowing that you can rely and count on them in those moments is extremely important in a relationship.

If you lack that feeling of support and reliability in your relationship, it is often the sign that you may have chosen a wrong significant other.