Guy Finds Dying Dog Abandoned On The Streets And Helps Him Recover Back Into a Beautiful Husky

Rico Soegiarto is a young man who was wandering down the streets of Denpasar, Bali one day when he found an abandoned and terribly malnourished dog with bald patches and a mangy coat that exposed countless sores on it’s body.

The poor creature was so sick and weak from neglect that it could barely stand up.

The suffering dog’s malnourishment was so sever that he looked “skeletal” and could barely hold himself up.

He also had long, dirty nails that looked like it hadn’t been trimmed for at least a few months.

The vet believes that the sickly dog would have most likely passed away if Rico had found him later.

But lucky he did and was able to nurse the little guy back to health.

Rico couldn’t have been a more caring individual to have help this troubled soul feel more like a happy dog again.

Rico started by cutting off all the mangy and matted fur, then giving the dog a proper bath. One it might not have had in a very long while.

This helped to not only get all the dirt and bugs off the poor critter, but help to clean out and heal all the sores it had as well.

Then, Rico began getting the dog on a regular eating schedule, feeding him proper dog food, and taking him regularly to vet appointments, to make sure he’s continuing to do well.

Through out the process Rico wondered what kind of breed the little guy was. It was quite hard to tell through all the mange and sores.

But as this loving creature regained its fur and life back, the true spirit of this dog came out.

Presenting itself as a beautiful husky.

Making it all the more perplexing why another human would just abandon any poor creature like that, let alone one as lovable and beautiful as this adorable husky.

Rico was rewarded for his good deed with a happy and lovable husky, who is so adorable and so eternally grateful to his new friend for helping him recover into the beautiful boy he once was.

This dog’s transformation was an amazing act of kindness that shouldn’t have needed to happen in the first place, but since it did, we are so grateful to have people like Rico¬†Soegiarto in the world.

People like him truly restore your faith in humanity.

Ten months later and this beautiful husky now has a full white, and black coat and looks like the healthy and strong doggy it should.

This once abandoned pup has now found his forever home with a human who truly cares for him.

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