5 Reasons Why Scorpios Are So Irresistible

Scorpios are widely considered the sexiest, most alluring signs of the zodiac.

Dark, sensuous, and sometimes rather intense, they have a quiet charisma that creates an atmosphere of intrigue.

People fall for Scorpios because, despite their cool outward appearance, it’s obvious that there’s plenty going on beneath the surface.

Here are five reasons you might fall under a Scorpio’s spell:

1. They always keep you guessing:

Have you ever spent hours talking to someone, only to walk away from the conversation realizing that they haven’t actually told you much about themselves?

They were probably a Scorpio!

These people like to learn as much as they can about their partners before making even the most modest of commitments.

As a result, they come across as quite mysterious.

They will ask you lots of probing questions, and listen attentively to your answers.

They will make you feel special – and who doesn’t want to spend time with such a great listener?

2. They are skilled lovers:

There’s no getting around it – a typical Scorpio will be an excellent lover.

They are adventurous and sensual.

Whatever your tastes or interests, they will probably give them a try.


Scorpios prefer to take the dominant role in their relationships, both in and out of the bedroom.

Sex isn’t an awkward or embarrassing topic for them.

They are likely to drop a few hints – in a subtle, tasteful way – early on about what they like and dislike.

If you are somewhat conservative in the bedroom, you might be rather intimidated in the early stages of your relationship.

However, if you can let go and trust them, you might discover new sides of your nature.

3. They aren’t afraid of the chase:

When a Scorpio wants you, they’ll do everything possible to let you know.

They have mastered the art of seduction – they are persistent but not creepy, and romantic but not too sentimental.

They are natural psychologists who understand that, deep down, everyone wants to feel special.

If you are tired of pursuing people and want to feel like an object of desire, try dating a Scorpio.

They like to feel in control, so taking the initiative comes naturally to them.

Just make a point of being on time.

Scorpios can’t stand disrespect, and if you keep them waiting it might be a while before they forgive you.

4. A Scorpio isn’t afraid of deep conversations:

Do you like long discussions about the meaning of life?

Do you long to share your deepest secrets and wildest dreams with someone who will take the time to help you reflect on plans for the future?

If so, you’ll find yourself drawn to Scorpios.

These people are seriously intense.

They know that life isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Not only that, but they think it’s healthy to explore your darker thoughts and desires from time to time.

It can be a relief to meet someone who doesn’t mind talking about your shadow side.

5. They are powerful:

Not only are Scorpios intent on seizing power in the bedroom, but they also crave status and recognition in other areas of their life.

For example, a Scorpio will often lie awake at night plotting how they can land their next promotion at work or how they can launch their own business.

In their ideal world, they are the boss of everything.

They want other people to respect them and recognize their talents.

This drive, which can even manifest as a sense of entitlement from time to time, is enormously attractive.

For other ambitious signs, such as Leo and Aries, a Scorpio’s desire for status and acclaim is a good fit.

For signs that tend to take a more measured approach to life or even favor a dependent role in a relationship, such as Cancer or Pisces, a Scorpio’s nature is an appealing contrast.

Scorpios are not to everyone’s taste.

They tend to take themselves and the world around them very seriously, and some people find them a little pretentious.

They do have a sense of humor, but they are not usually the life and soul of a party.

On the other hand, a Scorpio has a lot to offer if you can look past their dark intensity.

They take a long time to weigh up a potential partner before making a commitment but once they do, they are extremely loyal.

They will put their loved ones’ safety and wellbeing ahead of their own.

If you go away on a trip, they will check in every couple of hours and call you every night.

Their loyalty can cross the line into possessiveness, but as long as you erect strong boundaries in the beginning of your relationship, everything will be fine.

Although they are strong characters with a well-developed sense of self, they are easily hurt by those they love.

Treat your Scorpio with kindness and patience, because these individuals can and will remember every little misunderstanding and unkind word for years to come.

Scorpio’s greatest secret is that they are highly vulnerable, despite their efforts to convince you otherwise.