She was brave

12 Qualities That Show Strong Women Can Also Be Vulnerable

Strong women make the best friends, partners, and colleagues, but what is it that makes them so special? In many respects, they are just ordinary women. After all, no one is truly invincible or perfect.

On the other hand, if you look a little closer, you’ll uncover lots of qualities that set them apart. They are determined and capable, yet they also acknowledge their humanity and weaknesses. In short, they are both courageous and vulnerable.

Here are 12 qualities of a strong woman:    

1. She is brave

Bravery and vulnerability go hand in hand. Brave women need to show courage only because they feel fear in the first place – just like everyone else. The difference is that their self-awareness lets them feel the fear but carry on anyway.

2. She always tries to do her best in every area of her life

Strong women don’t treat life like a dress rehearsal. They believe in pushing themselves to the limit, setting high goals and doing all they can to achieve them. They try to be the best possible partners, colleagues, and friends.

3. She cultivates both intelligence and wisdom

Admitting that you don’t know everything is a form of vulnerability, because no one likes to appear ignorant. However, a strong woman knows that it’s best to acknowledge your limitations and actively seek out new learning opportunities.

4. She is honest

Strong women aren’t afraid to be themselves, even if it leaves them open to judgment. They are ready to admit their mistakes and apologize when necessary. They also stand up for their opinions, even if it makes them unpopular. At the same time, they aren’t stubborn. In the right circumstances, a strong woman is happy to examine her views and change her mind.

5. She admits when she is hurting or afraid

Strong women are willing to risk appearing emotionally fragile during tough times, for example following the breakup of a relationship. They know that those who truly care will stand by them instead of telling them to “get over it.”

6. She plays by her own rules

These women don’t follow the herd. They live by their own code of conduct, and trust themselves to make the right choice. Sometimes they might feel lonely if others don’t agree with them, but they value authenticity more than conformity.

7. She weighs up the costs and benefits of chasing her dreams

Big goals usually come at a cost, and strong women know it. By making sacrifices, they are letting everyone know what’s most important to them, and this can leave them open to scrutiny.

8. She has a healthy level of pride

A strong woman doesn’t let others treat her badly. She doesn’t tolerate abusive behavior, and will cut people out of her life if necessary. The downside is that others might see her as pushy or even cold. However, in the long run, she knows her emotional health must take priority over others’ feelings.

9. She is optimistic

It’s tough to be optimistic in today’s world, but a strong woman does her best to stay positive, even if this leaves her vulnerable to disappointment. She knows that bad times can and do pass.

10. She knows when and how to forgive people

Strong women do not bear grudges. They know that holding onto past hurts never helps them move forward in life. Although forgiving someone can be hard work, they are willing to see it as a major step in their self-development.

11. She isn’t afraid of failure

Chasing a goal or dream comes with a risk of failure. Fortunately, strong women aren’t scared of missing a target or falling short of a goal. They accept that anyone who wants to strive for improvement needs to prepare themselves for disappointment. 

12. She understands the value of time alone

Even sociable women need time alone to recharge. They know how to say “No” to tiring social engagements and unreasonable demands at work. It’s not that they don’t want to help others, just that they understand the importance of balancing time with others with solitude and relaxation.

Being a strong woman is a balancing act

Letting your true self shine through and pursuing your goals isn’t easy, especially if you’re a woman. Women are taught to put everyone else’s needs before their own, to play it safe, and conform to social norms instead of following their intuition. Any woman who dares to be both independent and vulnerable risks backlash and disapproval. They deserve our respect and admiration.   

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