Some Of Y’all Really Can’t Relate To These Tweets And It Shows

There’s a new trending meme phrase that some of y’all really just can’t relate to.

And it shows.

Childhood is a wonderful and weird time in our lives, and often we can feel isolated in a lot of the memories we have growing up.

But the newest tweet trend that’s been gaining steam has been helping people from all of the world to relate or not relate to others.

The premise of this new meme format is pretty simple..

Users on twitter have begun using the simple format of “some of y’all” to describe relatable childhood experiences, usually unpleasant, that others may not have, making those who did feel comforted in know they are not alone.

And make those who didn’t feel left out.

Here we compiled a list of the most humorous and relatable “Some Of Y’all” tweets to date.

1. Do you remember the Mary Kate and Ashley Movies?

Was definitely one of their humble followers.

How about you?

2. Did you have your own Dream World?

3. Do you even know your bus route?

You don’t know anything until you’ve been crammed on a subway with a hundred of your fellow city goers.

4.  Are you giving me cheek?

If you’ve never binge watched skins, ooh baby is it a wild world.

If you know you know, and if you don’t.. It definitely shows.

5. Have you never dreamed of mount olympus?!

6. Have you ever just driven around?

7.  It was a gameboy for me, what about you?

8. Wait.. you can heat them up?

Wait, wait, wait.. I’ve only eaten my pizza lunchables cold!

You’re telling me I could’ve heated it up this whole time?!

My life has been a lie..

9. Everyone’s had their emo phase, right?

10. The struggle’s real..

11. Lucky for you kids

12. You probably have a great relationship with your parents too, huh

13. I miss all my non-existent exes

I felt Taylor Swift’s songs so much, and my little 10 year old emotions had no idea why.

Guess I wasn’t the only one.

14. This was the greatest snack ever

I used to eat that almost every day.

Until kids started telling me I’d get worms from eating it too much.

Started having nightmares about it and had to stop. But I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

Gonna go try it again.. For science!

15. You stay so long through the bad hoping it gets good again.

Smallville had me screaming through the 5th season, “SOMEBODY SAAAVE ME!”

16. I was trained from an early age.

17. My name is not a misspelling!

18. The joys of catholic school

19. It’s basically the start of my anxiety problems

20. Can you rap the entirety of Super Bass?

21. If they call it WWE instead of WWF they’re too young for you..

22. Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons all of it!

23. What song was your cousins dance routine to?

What are some of your favorite or most traumatizing childhood memory that you think others can relate to?

Let us know in the comments below.

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