20 Adorable Sphynx Kittens That’ll Make You Obsessed With Hairless Cats

One of the biggest appeals to cats and kittens is that they are fluffy – take away the fur and what do you have? A Sphynx cat!

Some people are haters but they really shouldn’t be, even without all the fluff these cats are downright adorable.

There’s something majestic and almost luxurious about their sleek coats and sweet wrinkles. Need proof? Check out these adorable photos!

1. Just chillin


It all started in the mid-1960s when a cat from Ontario birthed a hairless kitten as a result of a genetic mutation. After this first odd incident, it happened again around 10 years later in Toronto and then Minnesota.

From there, careful breeding tactics were used to turn this genetic mutation into a real breed.

2. Itty bitty slice of adorableness


The Sphynx is as unique in color and appearance as any other cat. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see they aren’t completely hairless, they are actually covered in a thin layer of fuzz.

3. Peek-a-boo


These exotic cats need extra special attention and care.

While brushing requirements decrease for this breed of cat, they still need regular grooming.

Sphynx cats need to be washed about once a week. Their skin still produces the same oils that furry cats produce to keep their fur sleek. Since there’s no fur to maintain, these oils can create a greasy film.

4. Miss Blue


In addition, they require a good wipe down with a washcloth a few times throughout the week to remove dead skin cells, pollen and dust particles that are attracted to their skin.

They also need their ears cleaned regularly because they don’t have any hairs to block dirt and dead skin cells from building up in the cavities.

5. I can’t handle the cuteness overload


Without a big layer of fluff to protect them, this breed of cat is more prone to sunburns, overheating, and getting too cold.

They can go outside but should spend most of their time indoors.

While they are still more susceptible to getting cold, this cat breed runs four degrees warmer, on average, than other cats.

6. Wrinkles for days


Contrary to popular belief, not all Sphynxes are hypoallergenic. It’s not the hair that upsets allergy sufferers, instead it’s a substance secreted by cat saliva and deposited onto dander on the skin when cats groom themselves.

So, despite the fact they are hairless, they still produce Fel d1, the allergenic protein in cat saliva and skin secretions. This is what causes itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and other symptoms of cat allergies.

7. Why hello there!

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association statistics, the Sphynx was voted the 8th most popular feline breed in the country as of 2018.



This regal-looking cat is surprisingly sweet and cuddly. They are beloved for their playful personalities.

The Journal of Veterinary Behavior ranked Sphynxes as the most affectionate cat breed. Even more reason to get one of these adorable creatures!

There are a few theories as to why they are so friendly. Some people presume they need humans for warmth, while others believe friendlier cats are chosen for breeding. Lastly, some people believe it’s because Sphynx cat breeders leave kittens with their mothers for longer.

9. Look at the colors on this beauty


Their average life expectancy is 9 to 15 years old, which is pretty similar to the average life expectancy for all cats which is 13 to 17 years old.

10. No fur? No problem. Put a sweater on it!


There are a number of look-alike breeds, such as the Donskoy from Russia. As similar as the two breeds appear, the Donskoy’s lack of hair comes from a dominant gene, while the Sphynx’s hairless quality originates from a recessive gene.

11. Handful of sunshine


Interestingly, Sphynxes have a faster metabolism and so they need more food than the average cat.

12. The next generation


Their name stems from their triangular head, wide-set eyes and prominent cheekbones that are reminiscent of cats from ancient Egypt.

13. Those eyes!



14. Jackpot


15. The sweetest face


16. That’s a hair-tie around his lil neck… eek!


17. Let’s cuddle


18. Cuteness is an understatement


19. That nose!


20. And those little toes