Still being single at 32

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Fear Being Single, I Fear Being With The Wrong Person

Have you ever started a relationship just because you were sick and tired of being single?

Perhaps you’ve dated men not because they were a great match for you, but because they meant you didn’t have to spend time by yourself?

Our society is obsessed with relationships; it’s enough to make you feel ashamed if you aren’t part of a couple.

In truth, it’s far better to be single than stuck with someone who doesn’t love you with all his heart.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be more afraid of a bad relationship than being single:   

1. Spending time alone can be healing, but spending time with a man who doesn’t respect you is soul-destroying.

Learning to enjoy being in your own company is an important skill.

When you accept and like yourself, you’ll find that time alone is precious, and you won’t want to give it up for just any man.

Once you get used to it, there’s nothing scary about solitude.

On the other hand, there is definitely something terrifying about realizing your partner doesn’t respect or care about you.

2. Sleeping alone isn’t as lonely as lying next to someone who doesn’t care about you.

If you don’t like sleeping by yourself, you can use pillows, blankets, or even your pet as a source of comfort.

Don’t stay with someone just so you don’t sleep in an empty bed; waking up in the morning next to someone who isn’t committed to you is a horrible feeling.

Loneliness can feel worse at night, but you’ll feel even lonelier with someone who isn’t right for you.

3. Celibacy can be painful, but a sex life with no emotional connection isn’t fulfilling.

Most of us value physical intimacy.

Without it, you may feel as though something important is missing from your life.

That’s perfectly normal.

If it’s been a while since you were last intimate with someone, you may be tempted to jump into a relationship in an attempt to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, this often backfires; sex with the wrong person will leave you feeling worse.

4. Handling disappointments and soothing yourself is hard work, but it’s much harder when your partner is the source of your pain.

When you’re single, you lose the emotional support that comes with having a partner.

You need to be more emotionally resilient when you’re on your own, which can be tough.

However, being with the wrong guy is much worse, because he’ll cause extra problems.

Toxic relationships can leave you emotionally scarred and scared to trust others.

5. Feeling responsible for your own life can be daunting, but it’s much better than being with someone who tries to control you.

Life is full of choices, and working through your options with a partner can be easier than making decisions yourself.

However, you’ll be far happier weighing up options alone than with a domineering partner who wants to control you.

Losing your independence erodes your self-esteem, so never settle for someone who demands you bend to their will.

6. Following your own interests by yourself might be lonely, but being with someone who belittles your hobbies is worse.

It’s fun to do – or at least talk about – your favorite activities with other people.

You may feel isolated when pursuing interests as a single person.

However, it’s better to enjoy yourself alone than endure a partner who subtly (or openly) looks down on your hobbies or tastes.

7. Facing your flaws and weaknesses is a challenge when you’re alone, but it’s worse when you’re with someone who criticizes you all the time.

To get the most from life, we all need to undertake some soul-searching and personal development.

Looking inside yourself, figuring out what needs to change, and choosing to live differently takes a lot of courage.

It can be easier with a partner by your side – and a lot harder if you’re with the wrong man.

For instance, someone who is prone to highlighting your flaws in a harsh manner won’t provide the right kind of support. Destructive criticism isn’t love.

Stay single for as long as it takes to meet the right man

The next time you’re tempted to date someone you aren’t crazy about, reread this list.

Staying single isn’t ideal if you want a relationship, but it’s far healthier than investing time and effort into someone who can’t show you the love you deserve.

If you need convincing further, look around you.

You’ll soon realize that the happiest women are those who would prefer to be single than commit themselves to a man who isn’t worthy of them.