Terrifying Footage of Mid Flight Explosion of UA328-Plane’s Engine From a Passenger Scared for Their Life

Everyone has a fair share of their own phobia, like being afraid of heights, or being afraid of the dark. 

But we could all agree that most of us are afraid of flying – that at some point the plane that we are in will fall down and crash. 

This is exactly what happened recently to passengers of a public flight plane when the plane’s engine exploded mid-air.

United Airlines Flight 328 (c) Twitter post from @AgileMario

The scary ordeal was documented and recorded in a video by a terrified passenger of the same flight. 

The footage of the actual incident was posted in numerous accounts on different social media platforms that immediately made waves in the news, both local and in the international community. 

One Twitter account shared the blazing engine footage that shows the aftermath of the explosion as the engine starts emitting fire. 

As seen in the footage, the engine of the United Airline Flight 328 has caught fire minutes after the initial take-off from Denver International Airport. The blazing engine caught the attention of one passenger who immediately alerted the crew. 

Mid-air through the flight, the United Airlines Boeing 777, caught an unexpected failure causing its right-wing engine to blew apart after its take-off. The United Airline flight 328 was carrying over 200 passengers and 10 members of the crew at the time of the explosion.

Passengers recall the terrifying incident which they described as hearing a “very loud boom” and compared it to the feeling of literally “falling down the elevator”.

Imagine the horror and panic – it must have been really scary!

As the situation becomes more dangerous, the flight had to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport. Successfully, the aircraft was able to land safely and not even one person aboard or on the ground was reported hurt as confirmed by local ground authorities. 

Some believe in miracles, as fortunately not even a single person was severely hurt or have died during this unfortunate incident.

If this isn’t a miracle, then I don’t know what is. 

Surely, despite being faced with extreme danger and life-threatening incidents, the crew and the passengers aboard are still lucky enough to be safe back in the ground. 

Crews of the said flight also received numerous compliments and were applauded for maintaining a relatively calm procedure in handling the terrifying situation. 

Keeping the passengers calm and hiding their own fears, and pilots of the flight were thanked for having a successful landing amidst the danger. 

On Twitter, one account expressed how amazing the crew was for keeping everyone safe. 

Another Twitter account posted that the crew must receive a raise for their outstanding work despite the situation. 

Well, it is indeed worthy of praise. Not everyone has the composure to remain steadfast and calm in life-threatening situations. 

As news of the explosion made rounds in the media and the worldwide community, the local police and investigators shared photos of the large pieces of debris that were dropping from Denver all the way to Honolulu during the unfortunate incident of the explosion. 

Broomfield Police Department shared a photo of large debris from the aircraft that was seen in a local home off Elmwood. 

It was a large piece of the engine and anyone who is unfortunate enough to be on that spot would have been severely hurt if ever. Good thing no one was there during the drop. 

Another photo from the Broomfield Police was of some large debris scattered in the open field at Commons Park. Chunks of aircraft parts were scattered around the wide area and the police department warned the people to avoid the area if possible. 

United Airlines has already issued their statement regarding Flight 328 from Denver bound to Honolulu as the news of the explosion has spread like wildfire.

In their Twitter post, they explained that the explosion was caused by an engine failure which was handled by their crew safely as precautions.

In addition to that, the airline officially released a statement informing the public of voluntarily and temporarily removing 24 Boeing 777 aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000 series engines from their schedule

The public has yet to calm and many have already shared their views.

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