The Journey Back To Yourself

5 Secrets to Re-Building Your Self-Confidence After Years of Living in Fear

So many people live their lives in fear, failing to take action because they let fear hold them back. So much so it breaks down their self confidence.

People give way too much credit to fear, as if it’s right there, pointing a gun straight at them.

The ridiculous thing about this is that fear is mostly just a scary thought that we keep replaying in our head and associating so much pain to, till it gets real.

Amongst other things, the devastating thing about living in fear is that it robs you of many potential life breakthroughs.

It makes hills seem like mountains, it drains you physically, and could even easily become a phobia when left unaddressed.

Most fear is as a result of us poorly managing our mental faculties, it isn’t a spontaneous physical thing generating in our brain telling us to flee.

Everyone just uses that as an excuse.

If you find yourself susceptive to the tentacles of fear when faced with a challenge, or in any other part of your life, then you can be at peace and rebuild your self-confident with the secrets we are going to divulge via this medium.

At some point, people would have advised you that you should be more confident, and you think “if only it were that simple”.

What we fail to realize is that we have much more powerful capabilities than most of us think, and the reality is that we can overcome our fears.

Even if you don’t have it, self-confidence is something that can be developed, and we have identified the secrets to help you out.

Read on to get a full insight into the ways to rebuild your lost self-confidence.

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1. Distant Yourself From Negative People

Negativity is more contagious than crabs.

When you surround yourself or have negative people in your life, it’s just like cancer, they directly impact your confidence in a negative way.

Negative people are like energy vampires, they will never see the positivity in things, and will only drain confidence out of you.


Be sure to distant yourself from such nasty people, let them know that you want nothing to do with them.

The annoying thing is that they can appear in various aspects of your life, in school, at work, or even possibly your relatives.

This might mean that you may need to find a new school, new job, or get involved in a new relationship.

Understandably, this is likely to be difficult for you for some time, but you need to find strength in the fact that doing so is best for you.

It’s going to pay off, big time in the long run, by helping you develop your level of self-confidence, which ultimately translates to better living.

2. Give Compliment to Others

Getting a compliment from others feels good right?

It also feels good to compliment people, and here’s how.

When you tell people a good thing about themselves, they feel good and will most likely like you more. The way this comes back to you is that it helps you develop your social skills.

You get more comfortable starting conversation with people and that way, your self-confidence gradually develops.

3. Work on your physical appearance

Our body is very precious and you need to treat it as such. Eat healthy food, engage in daily exercise or any activity aimed at your physical fitness.

Yeah, you may be a very busy individual, which is understandable given the amount of our time we spend at work.

However, try to fit in a schedule, or program yourself in a way that ensures you’re taking good care of your body.

The physical state of your body is in direct correlation with how great you feel about yourself.

There is a saying that the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed.

Don’t go around looking tattered, or like a peasant. Spend money and time on how you appear, and you’ll radiate confidence as you go about.

This will make you feel good about yourself and ultimately, you’ll be confident about the way you handle yourself and go around with your business.

4. Educate Yourself

Make it a habit to learn new things every single day. Feed your brain with cool information, and you’ll realize that your reasoning capacity will improve tremendously.

When you speak, people around you will totally get captivated and you’ll be able to command your audience.

Not enslaving them but they’ll always want to hear your opinion on issues being addressed.

The human brain gets bigger as it is being worked more, which will superbly increase your creativity.

Imagine all of these, being creative, great and a reasonable speaker.

You will surely feel good about yourself and your self-confidence will be on its way to the peak.

5. Develop a Nice Personality

Of course, the majority of us are good, and it is enough proof if you are still reading this.

It doesn’t matter how wicked an individual is, we all feel good after doing something nice for others.

Furthermore, it isn’t about having so much money, power or fame, you feel incredible because you know you did something good, it’s called self-esteem.

You are also going to be incredibly confident.

There are several factors that impact the level of confidence of an individual, it could be a natural trait as a result of your genes, affecting things like how your brain processes things, and the kinds of responses it prompt.

Another factor is how others treat you, and the social pressure from your environment.

One other factor is that which you can control, the choices you make, the risks you take, and how you think about and address situations that you come across.

Despite all of these, we do actually have the power to cultivate and develop our self-confidence.

If you can adopt the tips given here, your self-confidence will be greatly improved, and you will enjoy your life.

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