The most beautiful part about loving a guarded girl

9 Things You Need To Know If You Love A Sensitive, Anxious Woman

If you are in love with a sensitive woman, you need to appreciate that she faces numerous struggles in her day to day life.

Although we all find it hard to handle our emotions sometimes, highly sensitive people are unusually fragile.

Ordinary setbacks that most people brush off without a second thought can be devastating for them.

If she also happens to suffer from anxiety, the situation is even more delicate.

If not handled properly, sensitivity and anxiety can ruin relationships.

The good news is that, with respect and patience, you can learn to support her through the worst times.

To build a healthy, strong relationship, you must bear in mind the following:

1. She’s afraid of messing up the relationship

An anxious woman always worries that she’ll do something that will scare her partner away.

She tends to over-analyze her behavior, worrying that she accidentally offended her loved ones.

She will need a lot of reassurance that everything is OK.

Never dismiss her worries; to her, they are very real.

2. She might appear happy one day, and distant the next

Highly sensitive women can be overwhelmed by their own feelings.

Even positive experiences can leave them drained or exhausted.

After a busy day, your partner may need time alone to regain her equilibrium.

Don’t worry too much if she needs space.

3. It’s easy to hurt her

Sensitive people are quick to react to insults.

Think carefully before raising your voice or using harsh words.

If you mistreat her or tell a lie, it will be a long time before she trusts you again, if at all.

She will be more accomplished than most people at spotting liars, so think twice before trying to deceive her.

4. She can form deep attachments very quickly, which might become unhealthy

Sensitive people can become codependent.

This means that they look to their partners and relationship as the basis of their identity.

Because they are quick to lavish love and attention on their partners, they might place them at the center of their universe.

If you are in a relationship with a sensitive, anxious woman, encourage her to pursue her own interests. Otherwise, you might start feeling suffocated by the relationship.

The healthiest relationships are those between two people who enjoy spending time both together and apart.

5. There’s a voice in her head pointing out all the things that could go wrong

Anxiety isn’t just a feeling.

For most sufferers, it comes with a negative internal commentary or voice that passes judgment on their every thought and action.

Living with this voice can be exhausting. 

6. Noisy environments can be overwhelming for her

Busy restaurants, concerts, and nightclubs aren’t enjoyable for highly sensitive, anxious people. When planning a date, pick somewhere quiet.

Unless you know for certain that she’ll appreciate them, surprises are best avoided. Under no circumstances should you ever spring an important question or proposal on her in public.

7. She has a lot of love to give

Underneath the anxiety and self-doubt is a never-ending supply of love and affection.

The upside of being a highly sensitive person is a capacity for intense positive feelings. You’ll soon realize that no one else will love you quite like she can.

You’ll never have to doubt her loyalty. When she says “I love you,” she means it.

8. Others have probably let her down in the past

A sensitive person is vulnerable because they are quick to trust others.

They attract people who take advantage of their kind natures. As a result, they can end up in toxic relationships with partners who fail to show them the love they deserve.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if a sensitive woman is wary of relationships.

At the same time, you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes.

If she assumes that you are always on the verge of leaving or mistreating her, it’s time to consider therapy or taking some time apart.

9. She’s one of the most compassionate people you’ll ever meet

Because she knows what it’s like to suffer, she will be quick to offer support and advice to anyone who comes to her with their problems.

When you feel low, you can rely on her to listen to your troubles.

There’s no denying that being in a relationship with sensitive, anxious woman is a challenge.

Fortunately, with patience and love, you can work together to tackle her fears.

Overcoming these barriers can bring you closer and strengthen your bond.