The Quaranteens

30 Of The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever

In the US alone, over 4 million babies are born every year. And with everyone locked down in quarantine for the next week or so, there’s about to be a lot more baby announcements coming soon.

Despite how common pregnancy is, it remains one of the single most exciting moments in a family’s life. Some people announce their pregnancy right away, while others wait until they are actually showing off a shiny baby bump.

When it’s time to share the exciting news with loved ones delivery is key–hence why so many couples send out adorable baby announcements.

Some couples go with the traditional pink or blue cards that say, “It’s a Boy!” Or, “It’s a Girl!”

But if you really want to make a splash you’ve got to send out an announcement that is as exciting as the news it reveals.

Take pointers from the couples on this list, all of who sent out the most creative baby announcements ever!

1. Paper Clip Family + One On The Way


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2. Mario Is Finally Getting His Luigi!


Photo Credit: nelsanellis

3. Subliminal Messages Reveal A New Baby And A Rather Concerned Doggy!


Photo Credit: rferrar1

The average age of first-time moms has been steadily increasing over the last three decades. In 1970, the average first-time mom was 21. In 2008, the age of the average first-time mother increased to 25.1-years-old.

4. Out With The Old, In The New

This is so funny!


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5.This Adorable Superhero Is Getting A Sidekick!

How cute are those chunky little legs?!?!


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Tuesday is the most popular day to deliver a baby, and Monday is the second most popular day. On average there are more boys born than girls every year. For the last 60 years there has been a steady ratio of approximately 1,048 male births to every 1.000 female births .

6. We’re Expecting Twins


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7. A Naturally Technical Announcement #namaste


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8. Ice Ice Baby


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9. 3 Different Bellies, 3 Different Fillings, One Family


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10. Skilled Pumpkin Carver


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11. Nerd Baby Alert


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12. How To Announce A Job Promotion And A Baby


Photo Credits: Karen Hibbert

13. Baby Instruction Manual


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14. This Family Loves To Play Wii!


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15. A Sneak Preview Of What’s To Come

Life before and after children changes dramatically, this couple at least appears well prepared for what’s to come.


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16. Tell Us How You Really Feel

I wonder if it’s another girl…


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17. With A Tiny Tricycle In Tow


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18. 1 Boy, 1 Girl, 1 Dog, And A Baby On The Way


Photo Credit: Matt Blank

19. Fill Her Up!

This one is hilarious; I love how it shows the progression of her belly throughout the pregnancy.


Photo Credit: Arabali Aliyev

20. Pregnant Women Don’t Drink But They Most Certainly Eat!


Photo Credit: timboi

21. How Babies Are Really Born

What an adorable and creative way to announce a pregnancy around the holidays!


Photo Credit: unknown

22. New Baby, More Laundry


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23. Thank You Prego Pasta Sauce


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24. Because Not Even Baby Announcements Could Go Without Some Apocalyptic Humor


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25. Lego Prego 4 + 1 Family Expansion Set

In Lego News, this family has a new member on the way! Insider info: Matthew loves Lego, if you didn’t guess that already.


Photo Credit: Matthew Olin 

26. This Cute Canine Can’t Wait For Her Baby Sibling To Arrive


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27. In Proof Every Luxury Has Its Expiration Date


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28. Do The Math

2+ 3 = 5…. mommy’s having twins!


Photo Credit: Christina Shibles

29. Parents Who Love Disney = Good Parents


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30. Born Sipping Starbucks

One more mouth to feed, one more overpriced Starbucks beverage to pay for!


Photo Credit: Ron Phillips