This Newlywed Couple Traveled to 33 Countries on Their Honeymoon, and the Bride Wore Her Dress the Entire Time

Meet Nick and Zoe Aust, a #couplegoals romantic pair who traveled to 33 – yes 33 – countries on their honeymoon. Yet, the part catching headlines is that Zoe wore her wedding dress in just about every country the pair traveled to.

The newlyweds kept track of their adventures on their Instagram account marrymeintravel, which has accumulated over 46,000 followers.

The pair spent two years saving up for their big adventure. Spending 2018 in 33 different countries made all the saving and sacrifices worth it.

The gorgeous duo originally met in high school, but they weren’t high school sweethearts. In fact, back then, the pair hardly knew one another.  It wasn’t until years later that they reconnected and bonded over a shared love of travel.

We dated for about a year and a half, and then Nick randomly told me not to make plans for an upcoming weekend,” Zoe Aust shared with INSIDER.

“Soon after I found out we were going to Iceland, and then on to Paris. On the last day of our trip, Nick woke me up early to walk to breakfast. On the way there he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife, directly in front of the Eiffel Tower.”

Their whirlwind engagement abroad was a sneak peek into what their honeymoon would hold for them.

When the couple returned back home to the states, they started working extra jobs to save up money to continue their dream of traveling the world.

The pair were wed in December 2017. As fate would have it, Nick’s company sold right around this time. Thus, opening up the perfect opportunity to go on an incredible honeymoon in 2018.

Zoe quite her jobs and the two jetted off to honeymoon paradise with their wedding outfits in tow.


From the snowy peaks of Mt. Everest to sunny beaches in Cape Town, South Africa, Zoe wore her beautifully detailed gown for epic photo ops, while Nick wore his dapper wedding day threads- including a romantic red suede jacket.


The pair were already going to be out of their comfort zone, so they figured they might as well take it to the next level by wearing their wedding attire at some of the incredible places they traveled to.

They were excited for the photo opportunities but “we never expected it to take off like this,” Zoe explains.


Although it seems like everything fell perfectly into place for these two, Zoe shares that “you can never really wait for life to perfectly fall into place to accomplish your dreams.”


The couple carefully selected the 33 countries they visited – many of which were long sitting on their bucket list. From there, Nick poured hours into finding other countries they could visit in between their must-see destinations that wouldn’t cost anything extra.

For instance, the pair never dreamed they’d end up in Malaysia, but they had to stop there on the way to Nepal – which was on their bucket list. And so, they made the most out of it by extending their layover into an adventure.


The stunning beaded gown got a little wet in the Seychelles.


The gown also lost some beads along the way. “It’s not as bright as it used to be,” said Zoe. “But you’d never know this dress traveled around the world for 10 months.”


Their wedding day had already infused the dress with precious memories, but now, after wearing it all around the world, “It’s filled with so many memories now.”

So, what country did the couple enjoy most? Nick’s pick is Japan – a bucket list destination that has intrigued him for years due to its culture, cuisine, and history.

Zoe’s favorite destination was Cappadocia, Turkey, where she felt “overflowing peace…Every day, 150 hot air balloons go off in the morning. Watching them all take off is something I’ll never forget.”


The pair continues to grow their Instagram following and they attribute their social media success to one thing: honesty.

“We never wanted to showcase a perfect travel couple because that’s not reality. What you see is what you get on our page,” Zoe shared.


Next on the itinerary for these two? They are moving to New York City where they have partnered with STOOP to highlight the beauty of “no strings attached” real estate in the city. The very same concept they relied upon while traveling the world on their honeymoon.


It all worked out like a fairytale, but the couple admits they had their doubts. Was it the right time to up and leave? Pause their careers?

Yet, according to Zoe, “Life moves quickly. We knew it was now or never. And to this day leaving when we did remains one of our best decisions.”

Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us – drop everything and follow your dreams!