TikToker Shares ‘Traumatizing’ Moment She Found Out Her Older Sister Was Actually Her Mother

A TikTok used reveals how she found out that her supposed older sister is actually her mom.

One of the current trends on TikTok requires users of the platform to share the biggest lie of their entire life.

Hence, TikToker, Karol Lu, shocked her viewers when she revealed that, at the age of 16, she found out the couple she had grown to know as parents were actually her grandparents.

In the TikTok video, which garnered over 3 million views before taken down, Karol Lu narrated that, while growing up, her parents were mostly away from home due to work. For this reason, she was often left in the care of her older siblings, especially the eldest who was 16 years her senior.

“While growing, we were not well to do in the family.

So, there was this year I talked about wanting to get myself a camera, and my parent’s response was ‘Okay but you have to work to get yourself one’” she explained.

She recalled how this prompted her then eldest sister to ask her boyfriend if he could take in her sister (Karol Lu) to work with him, so as to enable her to raise enough money to buy the camera she needed.

However, along the line, her sister’s now ex-boyfriend called her in the middle of one night and told her he knew something that would turn her life 180 degrees, and, despite, that he never said what it was that he knew, Karol started connecting the dots in her head.

“There and then, I knew my family has been lying to me my whole life and that my eldest was my mother.

My sister’s boyfriend never really told me what he knew, but I just felt it in my bones,” she explained to her viewers in the video.

Despite having learnt the truth, Lu had decided not to confront her family about it. She had wanted them to tell her themselves and had wanted to see how they would go about it.

However, what’s sublime in this entire story is what lead to this faking of maternity. Lu went on to explain in a number of other videos that she was birthed in Poland in the 1990s, a country, which was at the time, extremely religious and conservative.

Her grandparents had learned that their daughter (Lu’s mother) was pregnant and had had to conceal the pregnancy from the world so as to protect their daughter from the stigma that’d follow her for getting pregnant at such a young age.

Meanwhile, in another video, Lu admitted that she had missed a lot of glaring schools while growing. It was just difficult to give much thought to it since there was no questioning who her parents were. She said one of those clues was an incident on a health check day.

“There was this day she (my real mum) was taking me to school on a day when some health check would be carried out, so I had to bring along my medical history book. On the first page of the book was my first name, my last name, and then my parent’s name — turned out the only name filed in there was my sister’s name,” she narrated.

She further narrated how she had asked her sister that very moment why her name was there, but she responded that it must have been some mistake.

Finally, Lu explained to her viewers that, some weeks later, she had to tell her real mom what she knew, and although the topic is still a very sensitive one for them in the family, they have since moved on.