TikTokers Are Losing Their Minds Trying To Put Their Palm On Their Shoulder

Can you touch your palm to your shoulder? No, I don’t mean brushing the tips of your finger against your shoulder. Put your palm, your inner hand, on your shoulder. Do it with your left palm on your left shoulder and vice versa.

Yes, you can do it. Go ahead!

Any success?

Turns out this seemingly easy exercise is not as easy as we might have thought.

Social media users have been losing their minds since last week over a challenge that started with a TikTok user, Lauren Murphy.

Lauren had shared a video with the caption, “I just found out you can’t touch your palm to your shoulder.”

After that, many TikTok users took the bit between their teeth, but it turned the challenge is a tiring and frustrating endeavour, leaving many with muscle strains.


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Another TikToker, Cinda, took on the challenge and posted a video of herself attempting to touch her palm to her shoulder.

While her intention was to prove Lauren wrong, it was all a mess as she screamed in frustration trying to make her palm reach her shoulder.

She just couldn’t do it as there seemed to be a forcefield around her shoulder preventing the reach of her palm.

But, taking a close look at this challenge, what do you think it is that makes it so difficult to execute?

The same question has been asked time and time again by social media users worldwide who have also attempted the challenge and have made it gone viral.

Well, it turns out flexibility plays a great part, as some users have been able to conquer the challenge, with their palm touching their shoulders just perfectly.

Also, this challenge is a no-go area for people with huge biceps as their range of motion is usually low around the arm.

So, technically, You’ve got to be a bit skinny and be extremely flexible to be able to attempt this challenge.

Meanwhile, a lot of TikTok users have claimed to have completed the challenge after having managed to touch their shoulders with the fingers.

But that’s not what this challenge is all about. Your palm, the inner hand, has to touch the shoulder before you can claim any success in it

Has Anyone Done it Successfully?

While a lot of TikTokers have attempted this challenge, there isn’t anyone who has done it successfully, or so it seems.

The challenge further went viral on Twitter, where a lot of tweets have been flying around about how it’s impossible to touch your palm to your shoulder.

Be that as it may, some people claimed the are able to touch their palm to their shoulder but none provided any video that proves it.

All we have gotten so far are pictorial evidence, which doesn’t seem to suffice since they can be easily doctored via a photo editing tool.


I, for one, have tried the challenge many a time and failed at it.

But, then, I realized my left almost succeeded, unlike my right that struggled to get even four inches close to my right shoulder.

All in all, this challenge proves it is nearly impossible to touch your palm to your shoulder, although people with great flexibility and minimal biceps might be able to do so.


In the end, it turns out, like many other Twitter users and TikTokers, we might have to ‘live with the thoughts for the rest of our lives.’


Do you know someone who can touch their shoulder with their palm effortlessly?

Or is that person you?

Let us know what helps you ease through in the comments section below.