6 Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship

All relationships change.

When you’re with the right person, that change usually comes in the form of personal self-growth, an increase in positive experience, and each of you as individuals setting and reaching goals individually and as a couple.


Unfortunately, in a toxic relationship this can’t happen.

Here are common signs that you are in a toxic relationship.


1. Constant Bickering

Fighting in a relationship is more than normal, it’s actually a good thing.

Being able to comfortable handle dissonance is crucial to the longevity of your relationship.

However, if you don’t find yourself having healthy fights and instead passively bickering (constantly) this is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Bickering usually comes in the form of criticism.

And criticism stems from resentment.

If you want to cleans your relationship of this toxic habit, try to pay more attention to the things your partner does right opposed to wrong.

2. A Disinterest in Each Others Hobbies

Sometimes doing what she likes is a huge eye-roll but it shouldn’t piss you off.

And even though you despise his redundant detective shows, join him every few episodes.

But, even if you aren’t into the same things, raining on the others parade when they get excited about something is a serious toxic habit.

If they can’t rant and rave to you about the little joys in their life, who should they share them with?

3. A Lack of Communication

This one is a bit on the obvious side.

Though a lack of communication is a pretty common relationship struggle, if something toxic replaces communicating then there are serious issues.

For example, passive aggressive behavior, sweeping things under the rug, or confiding more in others are habits bound to pull you apart.

Perfecting communication takes time, but work on breaking these bad habits first.

4. Comparing Relationships

In the age of Instagram and Facebook everyone wants to be #relationshipgoals.

Guess what?

That is a picture.

Are you actually comparing your potential life with a person to a photo?

Not only is comparing your relationship to others immature, it’s a guaranteed way to cause insecurity on the person who wants to make you happy.

If you’re really that dissatisfied, leave.

It’s better to go than cause emotional damage by comparing your partner to others.

5. Jealousy


Like the other toxic signs, jealousy is safe in small healthy doses.

When phones and social media are constantly being checked, jealousy has now become an active destroyer of your relationship.

The best solution for jealousy is getting to the root of it.

Does your partner have a sketchy past, are you insecure, do they lie?

Ultimately, jealousy can kill the love in any relationship if not addressed properly.

6. You Just Don’t Feel Like Yourself Anymore

The final sign that you are in a toxic relationship is that you don’t recognize the person in the mirror.

Though unhappiness can change your appearance, I’m not talking about your physical features.

Toxic relationships have a way of sucking your soul.

You could forget your friends, family, dreams, goals, and all the other little important things that make up who you are.

This is the one sign I would believe is hard to come back from.

So much damage has already occurred from the toxicity of the relationship, it would be impossible to recognize where to begin.

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