See How People Are Upcycling Their Trampolines Into Bed Swings – Pure Genius!

The whole family loves the trampoline. Until one day, when everyone stops jumping on it.

From there, it’s only a matter of time before the weather starts to break it down – worn spots turn into holes, the floor of the trampoline begins to sag towards the earth. Dust collects in layers like a second skin.

Before you know it, your backyard play-thing has turned into a heap of junk destined to litter a landfill… and that’s no fun for anyone!

There’s a much better way to deal with your old trampoline. As soon as everyone tires of bouncing up and down on it, you can transform it into something new… a bed swing.

You don’t need one of those big fancy trampolines either. In fact, the trick works best with a smaller trampoline – the kind kids (and adults who buy them to work out on) grow tired of even faster.

This DIY trend is taking over the Internet and originated with these simple instructions created by Ken Wingard, OWN’S HOME Made Simple designer.

In total, it’ll cost you around $60 to take an old and unused trampoline and turn it into the chicest thing in your backyard.

Ken Wingard travels the world doing home remodel design and he has found trampolines (of all shapes and sizes) are one of the most common items sitting around unused. So his creative mind got to work trying to figure out a secondary use for these bounce-makers.


Pictured above is the mini trampoline – the size that is easiest to transform into a bed swing. Created in 1938, this bouncy piece of fun didn’t get super popular until the eighties when people started using it as an exercise tool.

Chances are, you have a dusty old mini trampoline taking up space in your garage, attic, or on the side of your house. Perhaps you never took it out of the box (or is that just me?).

To transform this unused item into a bed swing, you’ll need the following materials:

  • A pool foam noodle (another commonly purchased item that only gets played with for so long.) Don’t have a pool noodle sitting around? No need to worry! These are easy to find for super cheap at many retail stores.
  • Spray-on glue
  • Fabric material – you pick the style
  • Rope
  • A chair cushion large enough to cover your trampoline

Got all of your materials? Here’s what you do with them…

#1. Remove the trampoline legs

First thing’s first – remove the legs on the trampoline. A lot of trampolines have screw-on legs which make them super simple to remove.

#2. Use the pool noodle to pad the edges of the trampoline

Next, slice the pool noodle open and use it to pad the outer edges of the trampoline. Make sure you have enough noodle to span the entire length of the outer edges.

This makes the swing look nice and it takes care of areas that might otherwise pinch you.

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#3. Use spray-on glue to apply fabric over pool foam

Once the noodle padding is in place, bust out your spray-on glue and apply a layer to a section of the foam before applying your fabric on top. Do this in sections so the glue doesn’t dry out before you get there with the fabric.

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#4. Wrap rope around the edges to create a decorative effect

Next, take your rope and wrap it all the way around the edges to give it a finished look.

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#5. Attach sturdy rope, placed at equal intervals, to hold the chair swing up

From there, it’s time to get your larger rope and attach this to every leg of the trampoline, leaving one leg open so there’s room for you to crawl inside.

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Make sure the rope you use for this part of the project is strong enough to support your weight. Rope packaging will include a ‘tensile strength’ or ‘weight rating.’

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#6. Add the chair cover and decorative pillows

Now it’s time to add the final touches – the chair cover!

I love the fluffy Papasan Chair Cover Wingard uses in the video, which cost around $40. They are around 48 inches, which fits most smaller trampolines.

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Extra pillows sitting around? Add them to the chair to create an even cozier space to curl up with a good book – or your iPhone.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions:

This beautiful, and ever-so-stylish bed swing offers the perfect place to relax after a long day or week. Plus, it looks so chic!

Get creative – you don’t have to follow the exact rules outlined by Wingard. Put your own style on the swing.

The trampoline featured in the video is a mini exercise trampoline, but others have used larger trampolines to accomplish a similar but supersized look.


This trampoline turned swing chair (below) incorporates a separate framework to ensure it is safe for use.

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