When You Are With The Right Person, You Won’t Have Eyes For Anyone Else, Here’s Why

You live your life waiting, sometimes even desperately searching, for the right person who will love you the way you’ve always wanted to be loved. You go through nights of getting acquainted with various people in the hope of finding the one and spend days dreaming about that moment when you can finally see them face-to-face.

And once the imagination of meeting the right person becomes your reality, you can’t possibly be any happier. There is sheer bliss in recognizing how being with your person makes everything seem so easy and safe that you entrust them with your whole heart and here’s why you won’t be looking for someone else:

1) The right person will give you contentment.

There will always be someone prettier, funnier or smarter than your partner but once you are with the right person you will know that they are enough.

You may feel contented in the way they stare at you with eyes that see through your soul, their natural ability to find light in every situation, or how you spend hours diving into deep conversations with them.

You will appreciate how blessed you are for finding a life that touches yours in a way no one else can and this uniqueness is all you’ll ever need to embrace the entirety of this love including its flaws.

Staying grateful for the love that beautifully matches with the same imperfect person that you are is the very reason why you won’t feel the need to seek for something better.

2) Being with the right person is a commitment.

Saying yes to your person makes you in charge of their heart.

It is a promise that you need to honor and continuously put effort on every single moment of everyday. It’s your responsibility to keep the fire burning and reignite the spark when the flame dies down.

Rather than merely being the first choice, you strive to keep them as your only choice because when you’re with the right person, you will always choose to stay in love no matter the circumstance.

3) Loving the right person will make you selfless.

Being in a committed relationship is indeed a complication for in every action that you will take, you’ll no longer think of yourself alone but also consider how your decisions will affect your partner.

But the right person will make it a wonderful kind of complication as they transform you from a selfish monster, who only knows how to take, into a selfless giver, who offers their person all the love that they deserve.

That said, you will naturally want to give it your all to become right for them just as how right they are for you. You will stop obsessing about their tendency to fall short in certain aspects and begin to focus more on how you can make them even happier. Your joy will be complete only when they too are happy.

When you really love your person, their hurt will also cause you pain so keeping their best interests at heart will never allow you to desire something else other than their happiness.

4) The right relationship values honesty.

Knowing that you can fully trust each other makes your relationship a safe haven. It removes any feeling of doubt which in turn, makes you adore your partner even more.

It also promotes an environment of freedom where you can openly communicate your thoughts and feelings on different issues without the fear of judgement and with both of you having an open mind, you will be able to help each other bring about positive changes for a better version of your truth as a couple.

Honesty helps you avoid the temptation of crossing the line in order to find comfort in the arms of another.

5) The right relationship will make you stay.

When you truly believe that you are with the right person, leaving them behind will never cross your mind for they will always be worthy in your eyes.

You will fight for your love even when things get hard for deep down you are aware that whatever difficulty you’ll go through in the relationship will only make you stronger as a team.

The right kind of love will remain as good, genuine, certain and desired no matter how many times it gets tested that once you’ve gotten hold of it, you won’t loosen your grip just to touch something unsure.

Clearly, there is more to love than butterflies and getting lost in one’s eyes.

It is also made of bumpy rides and ugly cries but if you’ve really found the one, choosing to love will be the default decision you’ll make every day.

Because if it’s really right, you will never run out of reasons to make your relationship work.

You surely wouldn’t risk letting go of your forever only to be left chasing something that’s temporary.