Woman Hates Selfies So Much She Decides To Photograph Herself ‘Dead’ All Over The World

Some people plan their selfies and full body photos for weeks, or even months, ahead of visiting a cool landmark or famous location.

In fact, I have a friend who gets ‘photo visions’ ahead of anything we have planned to do. She’ll say things like – “I already have a vision for our photo today, so everyone just play along.” And play along we must, or else she gets PISSED.

This performance artist would rather die than become a ‘basic b’ taking staged pictures full of smiles, peace signs and high-fives.

And by ‘she’d rather die’, we really mean she’d rather die. In fact, she appears dead in all of her photos taken at iconic locations around the world.

Stefdies is a photographic performance art series created by Stephanie Leigh Rose. The series features “anti-selfie” photos aimed at getting back to the root of photos – “a moment captured in time.”

Stefdies at the Altare Della Patria

“The series provokes discussion on mortality, the function of photography, and stirs the imagination. Nothing is premeditated or prepared in these photographs, the shot is captured in the moment as it occurs,” the artist writes on stefdies.com.

Stefdies at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

“No special equipment, lighting, or conditions are met.” Instead, Stephanie goes about her day, just enjoying life in the moment, and if something happens to strike her as “particularly provoking” she will take one of her famous ‘dead’ photos – aka a STEFDIES photo.

Stefdies in Aries, France

“That is the beauty of this series, each photo is just a blip in a day. Nothing less, nothing more. It is the truest sense of what I believe photographs should be- tangible physical proof that ‘I was here’.”

Stefdies in Santa’s Workshop

While it might seem a bit morbid, the creator sees it as a “celebration of life.”

It’s also a reminder that one day we will all die – so enjoy the moment while it’s here and stop thinking so much about your next picture and social media post.

Stefdies on Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

This one is a video, a disturbingly beautiful clip in time…

“Here is our dead body outside Big Ben… We are given the opportunity to ‘die before we die’ and really take in the moment in the photo as we must in life. It is not about death, it is about life. Here is Big Ben today. We cannot count on tomorrow,” writes a reviewer quoted on stefdies.com

Stefdies in front of the Wynn Theater, featuring Popeye

Stefdies with Brexit

According to Google statistics there are around 93 million selfies taken each day – and that only accounts for Android devices. One poll in particular uncovered that every three photos taken by someone between 18 and 24 is a selfie.

The average millennial will take an estimated 25,700 selfies throughout his or her lifetime.

Taking lots of selfies is often seen as narcissism, but experts say it can also signal insecurity and a need for attention and reassurance through ‘likes’.

For example, the story of Danny Bowman, a British teenager who was treated for suicidal thoughts and body dysmorphia back in 2014 after he ditched school, locked himself in his bedroom and took over 200 photos a day for six months in the quest to capture the perfect selfie.

Stefdies at the Borough Market

Stefdies at the Eiffel Tower

You might not realize it, but selfies are actually deadly. In 2015, there were more people killed while taking a selfie than people killed from shark attacks. You read headlines all the time about men and women killed, or badly injured, while trying to capture the perfect selfie.

People forget there’s a cliff behind them, or they stumble off a balcony, or get run over by a train – somehow the selfie envelopes the mind, distracting us to a point that we become incredibly vulnerable.

Stefdies at the San Diego Zoo

All of the sexualized, unrealistic selfies posted by celebrities and instagram influencers are increasing rates of depression and eating disorders in young people, Dr. Tanya Byron shared while speaking at a Vogue Festival.

Stefdies at Walt Disney World

“No one has ever wanted to take a picture with me like this before…” -Cinderella! 

Stefdies near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Stefdies at Cenotes Dos Ojos

Stefdies after paragliding

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Dead in Santorini, Greece

Hey, it’s better than your everyday selfie!