The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Women Who Hug Their Man And Don’t Acknowledge Them

You’re out with your man enjoying a lovely Saturday when suddenly a woman appears out of nowhere and approaches your guy, reaching out for a hug.

“Hi, how are you? It’s been a minute! So great to see you,” she says.

And then, just like that, she’s gone, with no smile or nod in your direction.

How do you feel about this? Are you annoyed at your significant other, or are you bashing that chick’s hairstyle and shoe choice before she can make it more than 2 feet away? Followed by: “And who the hell was she?”

I don’t know about you, but if my man is hugging some other woman, I best know what her name is, who she is, and how they know each other. I’d also like a proper introduction, please and thank you.

Although, yes, it is rude on the woman’s behalf, I think it’s even ruder, and perhaps even sketchy, on the dude’s behalf. Or visa-versa if you’re a guy/girl dating a chick.

When you become an official couple, you become a TEAM. A pair that works together and proudly introduces one another to old and new acquaintances.

No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s turned into an all-out debate on Twitter.

It all started when Twitter user @Lindsaysturg posted the question asking: “Is it rude for a girl or guy to say hi and hug your significant other but not acknowledge you?”

Perhaps my favorite part about her post is that she adds: “trying to prove a point,” we see what’s going on in her relationship!

Most people have been typing out YAS, it’s rude! 

Some people think it’s situational. For instance, there’s always the off-chance your significant other doesn’t even remember the name of the person hugging him/her, and in that case, how are they supposed to introduce you without looking hella whack?

But, in most cases, they do know the person saying hello and an introduction is next to mandatory. Otherwise, both hugging parties are just down right rude.

You don’t have to hug the boyfriend/girlfriend at your friend’s side, but a friendly smile is better than nothing.

Otherwise, you might just piss off the wrong girlfriend – the “who texting US” type of girl. So it’s best to acknowledge the female or male at your old friend’s side.

A simple hi, I’m so-and-so is a good route to take. And if you’re an ex, make sure to leave that detail out. And maybe leave out your last name, just in case they already know about said-ex.

If you decide not to say hello, you are just asking for trouble. For one, you might get called out. Secondly, you put your friend in an awkward situation in which they have to explain themselves, or else!

Rest assured, the second you walk away, we TALKIN! So make a good impression – it counts.

Apparently, the rule doesn’t just apply to dating parties…

It’s just common courtesy to prevent people from feeling left out and invisible 

Some girls just get it and are so dang polite 

Why is this girl still single?

Just remember, you don’t want this to go down: 

And no one wants to get mocked, no thank you!

So whose responsibility is it? The girl or guy saying hi, or the significant other? Many people on Twitter put it on the boyfriend or girlfriend, not on the friendly “stranger” 

If the female or male saying hi fails to introduce themselves within the first few seconds, it’s up to your partner to set the record straight and introduce ya’ll. Especially if the conversation lingers past a quick “hi”.

What about socially awkward significant others? Do they get a free pass?

Just because you don’t think someone is a girlfriend or a boyfriend, even if they appear to be a casual friend, cousin, or coworker, it’s best to give them a smile, say hello, and be friendly in this unfriendly age.

So, where do you stand in this whole debate?