10 Reasons Why Women Who Love “Too Much” Make The Best Girlfriends

Some girls throw themselves into their relationships with an intensity that can seem overwhelming. If you’ve never dated a woman like this, you might be surprised by the depth of her love. You might also worry that you won’t be able to return it, or that you’ll feel smothered.

The good news is that this kind of love can transform your life for the better. If you remain open to her passion and devotion, you’ll find that she makes an amazing girlfriend.

Yes, she might be more sensitive than your previous partners, but she’s definitely worth your time.

Here’s why:

1. She’ll address any relationship problems you have head-on

Because she’s dedicated to you and the relationship, she’ll take a proactive approach to solving any issues between you. She’ll be able to tell when you’re unhappy, and take it as a cue to start a conversation about what’s going on in the relationship.

This might make you uncomfortable at first, but you’ll soon learn to appreciate that it’s the best way to resolve problems.

2. She will never betray you

Girls like this are fiercely loyal. You will never have to worry that she will flirt with other people behind your back, or share your innermost secrets with everyone.

She knows how difficult it can be to trust someone, and will never intentionally hurt you. In the unlikely event that she breaks your trust, she’ll confess immediately.

3. She’ll always remember special days

Valentine’s Day, your birthday, your anniversaries – she’ll pick out the perfect gift, write a heartfelt card, and make sure every occasion is magical.

Just be sure to return the effort, or she may feel that the relationship is becoming one-sided.

4. She will always be there to support you during tough times

This woman knows that life isn’t easy, and everyone has to deal with problems along the way. She’s a great listener, and will be patient with you if you need time and space to work out a solution. 

5. Her love will grow over time

Because she loves you for who you are and the times you’ve shared, her love will deepen as she learns more about you. The two of you will form a strong bond that could last a lifetime.

You will build happy memories as the months and years go by, and these will sustain you during rocky patches.

6. She will show you how to love deeply, and to see the world from a new perspective

Sometimes, we need someone else to show us how to let go in a relationship.

This girl is the perfect role model when it comes to selfless love.

Your time together will teach you the importance of trust and respect.

7. She will accept you, flaws and all

No one is perfect, but that’s OK.

She’ll want to know everything about you, but she’ll never judge or criticize you.

She understands that everyone is human, with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. You can confess anything to her, and she’ll do her best to understand. 

8. She’ll help you see the bright side of any situation

As a natural optimist, she’ll gently encourage you to find the silver lining in every cloud. This doesn’t mean she’s insensitive to your pain, just that she understands the power of staying positive.

She’ll show empathy, but then work with you to find a way forward.

9. To her, your success is just as important as her own

Feeling joyful when your partner succeeds is a mark of true love.

This girl will always act as your cheerleader, and she’ll be delighted when you achieve your goals. She doesn’t envy your talents. Instead, she’ll see you as an inspiration.

10. She’ll make an effort to fit into your social circle

When she falls in love, this kind of woman immediately makes it her mission to befriend the other special people in her partner’s life. Even if she doesn’t have a lot in common with them, she’ll still make an effort. 

When you meet a girl who loves like this, take a chance

These woman don’t come along too often, so consider yourself lucky if you find one.

Even if she isn’t “the one,” she’ll leave you with lots of fond memories. Girls who love “too much” can show you just how good a relationship can be. When you date someone who is completely committed to you and keen to prove their love, you’ll wonder how you ever settled for anything less.