Why You Keep Choosing The Wrong Partner (3 Ways To Find The Right One)

Habits die hard and unfortunately you’ve made a bad habit out of choosing the wrong partner.

The bad news is there is no way to reverse time.

The good news is there is a way to reverse the effects of time.

Time spent in the wrong relationships has created a habit of you choosing the wrong person.

You’ve become attuned to trying to fit a square block into a star shaped hole.

When it doesn’t fit, you push harder hoping that by some miracle, the square will reshape itself into the star.

The laws of physics will tell you again and again, this can’t happen.

If a child was playing with his toy, continuously pushing the square block into the star shaped hole would you continue to encourage him?

Would you tell him to keep going and that one day, maybe the block will be able to fit?

It’s more likely that you would point to the square hole and tell him to place the square block inside of it.

Then, you would show him the star shaped block and tell him to place it into the star shaped hole.

Why aren’t you doing the same for yourself?

You keep choosing the wrong partner because of these three reasons.

It’s all you know.

It is human psychological tendency to stick to what we know.

This is what helped save us from sabertooth tigers.

In psychology, there are two terms referring to how our brain functions.

The old brain is the first term, it’s the part of the brain that will save you when a bear starts running after you.

The second term is the new brain, this is the part of your brain that has learned to live how most humans do now.

The problem with the old brain is that its necessary to function, but not necessary to function everyday.

The old brain wants to keep you as safe as possible and it’s going to default to what it knows in order to do so. It’s the part of your brain that wants to sit at the same table at a restaurant each time you go.

It’s the part of your brain that wants to stick to the same schedule as you always do.

It’s the part of your brain that wants you to continue in wrong relationships because it’s what you’re used to doing.

When we become aware of the old brain’s control over our lives, we realize that it might be speaking too loudly.

As grateful as we are to have it to save us in times of need, for the most part we don’t need it.

To find the right partner, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Lean into your new brain, the brain that is excited to leap out of its comfort zone.

If you’re always meeting partners in bars, it’s time to switch it up.

Use another dating source or say yes to people asking you on dates that you normally wouldn’t.

Your old brain is here to save your life, not to keep you from having a good time on a date with the guy at the coffee shop.

Get out of your comfort zone to step away from the people you normally are attracted to.
You don’t deserve better.

Do you feel like you should date a certain type of man because somebody at a higher level wouldn’t be interested you?

This is one of the most common problems in dating, specific to women.

We tend to overlook all we have to offer while forgetting one simple thing.

Men love to be loved.

A successful CEO still wants love.

A single Dad still wants love.

A new divorcee still wants love.

Certain men may seem out of your ballpark but this isn’t true.

They want love.

What do you have to give to them?


You already know that you are capable of offering them the number one thing they want.

You are totally worthy of this man.

To find the right partner, stop thinking you have nothing to offer.

As a woman, we are fine tuned to giving love.

When you find the right partner, you can love him for the rest of your life.

The right man will appreciate your love and you for always providing it.

He can make triple the amount of money as you, less than half or have a few divorces under his belt.

You have the love that he what he wants and that is your power.

You need it now.

Feeling lonely is incredibly difficult.

To feel the world is moving without you being a part of it is a treacherous place to be.

When we are most lonely, we think we are alone.

We assume that everybody around us is happy and we got dealt a bad hand.

The hard truth is that everybody struggles with loneliness.

Entrepreneurs struggle with loneliness while building businesses.

Moms feel lonely when they don’t have a chance to be around their peers for weeks at a time.

People in healthy relationships can feel lonely if they’re going through something their partner isn’t.

Humans feel lonely and it’s totally normal.

It’s okay to feel lonely, but it’s not okay to take a poorly strategized action because of it.

Just because you are lonely isn’t a sufficient reason to start dating somebody.

If that person isn’t good for you now, they’re not going to become better for you later.

To find the right partner, practice patience.

Rushing won’t find your soulmate.

Patience will.

What happens when you choose patience over loneliness?

You find happiness.

What if your internal dialogue changed from:

“I NEED to find a partner!”


“The right partner will come to me when it’s time.”

This is a mature and realistic way to live.

If you’re right partner isn’t with you right now, there is a reason and you have to trust it.

Focus on practicing patience and you’ll be surprised as to where it leads you.

You have a bad habit of choosing the wrong partner.

The bad news is, you’ve chosen the wrong partners in the past.

The good news is, it can all change today.

You don’t have to continue to choose the wrong partner.

Get out of your dating comfort zone, realize you have everything a man could ever want and practice patience to find your perfect man.

Squares aren’t meant to fit into star shaped holes for a reason. Drop the square and find your star, to live a loving, easy and beautiful life.