11 Digitally Colorized Photos That’ll Transport You Back To the Past

Wouldn’t it be a dream to take a glimpse of the history behind us? Seeing how places, people, and things used to look like before? Thanks to the wonders of Technology, bringing old photos back to life is not impossible.

You might have seen these pictures in black-and-white before. But wouldn’t it be exciting to see them in full color? What an experience it would be to reconnect to some of the most important moments in our past frozen into photographs!

“An Abandoned Boy”

Digitally-colored image of the abandoned boy in the bombing ruins in London 1945

An image originally captured by Toni Frisell during the London Aerial bombing in 1945 has become popular all over the world.  The original black-and-white photo of an innocent boy left in the rubble is indeed a reminder of how cruel the world has been. The boy was sitting right next to where his house used to be before the bombs shattered his home killing both of his parents and sibling. How devastating it must be for the child to come home from playing and realizing he lost his entire family.

“A Poster Perfect Disaster”

Colored-version of the famous 1937 Hindenburg Disaster

What seems to be a perfect poster for a disaster movie, is a real-life disaster that happened in Manchester Township, New Jersey in 1937. It has caught fire for reasons that are still unknown up to this date. With a total of 35 fatalities, the Hindenburg crash truly is a picture of the disaster. Looking at this picture come to life gives us a dreadful feeling of the event.

“The Father of Detective Fiction”

An image of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is known for his genre of horror and suspense both prose and poetry. Some of his masterpieces like Annabel Lee and The Tell-Tale Heart have gained international fame. It gives us different vibe seeing colored images of those famous people in the Literary world. They surely looked more real and more life-like compared to their black-and-white shots.

“Japanese Archers”

Just an ordinary day in Japan, with these three (3) archers practicing their skills

Nothing extraordinary here – just three Japanese men practicing archery in one beautiful afternoon of 1860. In the original black-and-white photo, it all looks ordinary. But, the color-corrected version gives us a fuller insight into what life used to be. It takes us back to the time when healed sandals and skirts were men’s fashion as well.

“Just Another Day”

Digitally restored photo during 1941

At first, it might seem like a production from an old movie, but it is a day after the Pearl harbor in 1941. Looking seemingly ordinary, this photo hides a tragic part of our history. Though the attack in Pearl Harbor is one of the many unfortunate feats in history, one couldn’t deny how people try to revive the life they lost. This photo gives us vivid imagery of how people tried to cope with the disaster of Pearl Harbor.

“Significant Female of the History’

An image of the most famous Female in Aviation – Amelia Earhart

Who could ever forget the face of the first female pilot who flew solo across the Atlantic? Amelia Earhart successfully flew across Atlantic in a solo flight journey in 1930. If this isn’t a true example of girl power then I don’t know what is!

“Little Sure Shot”

A colored photo of the fearless Annie Oakley

Another reminder of girl power is the famous American Sharpshooter – Annie Oakley. She might not be remembered much in today’s time, but Annie made a name for herself as one of the finest shooters in America in the 80’s. She had become notably famous that even after her death, musical adaptations were maid to honor her story.

“Pandemic in the Olden Days”

Australian nurses in their full uniform ready to fight an Influenza Pandemic

Compared today, nurses’ protective equipment has evolved a long way. Australian nurses are on their way to fight against the Influenza outbreak in April of 1919. During the outbreak, many people have lost their lives to the virus which spread all over Australia. This image is a subtle reminder of what once was a hard time for Australia.

“Howdy Cowboy!”

An audience rallied up watching a rodeo at Montana, USA

Rodeo seems to be a big thing in the past – that’s for sure looking at the photo of these men that seems to be focused on the show. The striped scarfs paired with torn-out shoes, the grass that looks like the rain has just passed – you could almost smell the air! Thanks to the recolored versions of this photo, it looks like the show just happened weeks ago.

“An Honor to The Wife”

Louis Armstrong and his wife in Cairo, Egypt 1961

Being famous seems to make you eternal – or so the case of the famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong. This originally black-and-white photo taken in Cairo, Egypt in 1961 is one of Armstrong’s way of showing his dedication to his wife. He had a successful career for five decades and has been recognized in the Rythm and Blues Hall of Fame. Isn’t it adorable how much love there is in this photo?

“Not your Typical Cab Stand”

A cab stand at Madison Square in the 1900s

Nope – it’s not another production of Notting Hill. It’s a re-colored version of a cab stand at Madison Square. We can’t help but wonder how it must feel like living in this era when girls dress fancy daily and cabs are horses! Everyone would surely feel like a royal even by riding one simple cab! How the time changed things right?

Truly, colors affect how we see things. It allows us to imagine how things used to be. It allows us to travel back in time and be part of the unforgotten history. There is still a lot to see – but thankfully with the power of technology, the possibilities are endless!