20 Tweets That’ll Reveal What Marriage Is Really All About

Marriage is anything but easy – but when it’s good, it’s really good. All of the struggles just make the good times that much better.

Sometimes you have to laugh about things or else you’ll cry, and that very same principle applies to marriage much of the time.

Like if your husband always leaves the kitchen cabinet open (like mine does), no amount of bitching is going to change his habits. Instead, you have to learn to love the quirks – because let’s be honest, you’d miss closing those cabinets all of the time if he weren’t around to leave them open.

The following tweets highlight the reality of marriage in the most brutally honest and hilarious ways possible, enjoy.

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According to the experts, there are a lot of things you can do to make your marriage stronger. Interestingly, eating healthy is one of those things.

According to a 2012 British study, people who eat more fruits and vegetables have higher levels of mental well-being. And, the better you feel, the better partner you will be.


Another tip for making your marriage stronger is to give your spouse alone time with their friends. Maintaining your own social lives and being supportive of one another boosts your marriage.


Make a point to touch your partner every day. In the hustle and bustle of life it can be easy to forget to touch one another but it’s so important that you make physical contact every single day.

Physical contact creates the happy hormone oxytocin, and non-sexual physical contact keeps you feeling adored by one another.


Don’t bring up old fights. Resolve them and then bury them to rest. Continually bringing up old issues will only create strife and resentment in your marriage.

If you are struggling to let go of an old issue, try journaling it or writing it on a piece of paper and then burning that paper.


Do new things together as much as possible. Getting out of your comfort zone as a couple will bring you closer together. Go sky diving, give zip lining a try, or try a new restaurant.


Try and be financially responsible – this one is easier said than done for some people, but it’s an important rule to making your marriage work. After all, money is one of the biggest stressors in a marriage.


Talk highly of your partner – speaking badly about your partner behind their back is incredibly unhealthy for any relationship. Trash talking your spouse is a betrayal in its own right.

His/her family and friends will respect you more for talking highly of your partner, and in turn it will foster a healthier relationship filled with trust.


Keep the playful aspect of your relationship alive, don’t lose the fun and silly side that sparked your love affair when you first started dating.


Life gets busy but it’s important to put your partner’s requests at the top of your to-do list. If your wife asks you to move a heavy piece of furniture, or if your husband asks you to find an important piece of paperwork, try and get it done as soon as possible.

This makes your partner feel loved, heard and respected. Plus, it lets them know they can always count on you to help them out when they need it.


Accept that no one is perfect, and you will both have moments where you are less than your best self. When your other half is acting bratty or not so nice, just take it as a sign that they are overwhelmed and stressed.

Don’t fight fire with fire – you won’t get anywhere. Instead, just try and be extra supportive during these times.


Ask your spouse what they need more of – this lets them know you care about their needs and want to meet all of them.

Even if you’ve been together for years, there might be something they are craving more of, like cuddle time, conversation, or perhaps more date nights. You don’t know until you ask!










h/t: Bored Panda

If you are constantly seeing repeating numbers like 11:11 on your clock recently, Check out this link to learn their hidden meaning: http://bit.ly/MeaningInNumbers