22 Hilarious Coincidences That Proves The Universe Has A Sense of Humor

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is the fact that our world is full of awesome surprises that happen all around us every second. These small moments are among the most astounding magical manifestations in this universe and would leave you awestruck!

Are you think it is all gibberish and unrealistic magical talk? Well, not at all. This is neither magic not unrealistic; in fact, such phenomenon are so common that we all keep coming across these things every now and then (in the comfort of our homes, busy streets, malls and elsewhere). Moreover, some of these incidents occur without any human interference which is intriguing.

We are sharing 22 such magical coincidence that are going to leave you amused and keen to search for more similar instances. You will come to appreciate that such surreal moments happen in this big cosmic framework every other moment. So here they are…

Source: Ezeoth, Reddit

This one is hilarious and one big coincidence! One of the users shared a picture at Reddit that had a couple wearing a pistachio/strawberry suit combination (matching!) and this Reddit user was savoring an ice-cream at the very moment that was (guess what!) pistachio/strawberry colored! It became a matching-trio and one that would definitely catch your eye.

Source: youandmeandrainbows/imgur

Well, unity is precious and to witness one at random would amuse just anyone. So one user clicked an image during a bus ride, that shows five bald men sitting in a row! It is not only interesting but also kind of fun to watch such a coincidental moment that seems like a lapse in time. The person who clicked this picture expressed wondering about the bus driver whether the driver was also bald or not. However, we are undoubtedly thinking about the person who clicked this image (bald or not?! Oops!).

Source: trumpmctrumpface / Reddit

It is not so common that one spends the same amount, at the place that is named the same as the amount spent and at the hour equivalent to the amount spent. This very unlikely thing happened with a Reddit user, who shared spending exactly $7.11 at a 7-Elevent at sharp 7:11 AM. You’ll definitely wonder; WHAT A COINCIDENCE! We did too. Such a thing sounds like a sign from the Universe that may perhaps be trying to communicate something.

Source: awestgate / Pikabu

This is simply wow! A user noticed three similar looking men, wearing exactly same clothes and hats chatting at a bus station. This certainly makes you go a little bit over your head and you start to wonder whether you rested enough or have been sleep deprived (something that the user who clicked this image did wonder).

Source: JDefined / Reddit

A user shared an amusing visual magic happen, during which the phone looks like a chameleon and totally blends with the desk pattern. It looks like an impeccable union.

Source: monkeyfrets / Reddit

A user on Reddit shared an absolutely amazing picture that revealed the packaging of two different brands, when put together, completes a picture to perfection. The instant white rice product by “Food Club” and “Minute”, forms a juicy and mouthwatering plate of scrumptious white rice! It is as if they happen to be soulmates (in terms of branding).

Source:  _omin0us / Reddit

This is an eye-catching moment that makes you look twice and more keenly than you ever would. A Reddit user shared an image of a small cloth piece that was shaped like a small smug man wearing a trench coat.

Source: misterKras / Pikabu

You wouldn’t believe but this really happened. Same vehicles, same registration numbers. Who would’ve fancied such a thing!

Source: ILiketurtles666 / Reddit

This Reddit user amused us all by sharing very identical pictures of himself and his girlfriend.

Source: Whowantfreepie / Imgur

Well, this one is such an interesting coincidence.

Source: Jester6641 / Reddit

What would you call a hidden cheese? Chameleon? The Great Houdini? Well, this cheese surprised us all. Can you find it?

Source: YehBoiPisces / Reddit

Absolutely confusing!

Source: ajlavanway / Reddit

How would you feel when your teacher’s hat simply disappears in-front of the chalkboard (because the colors match so insanely perfect!).

Source: Mike91444 / Reddit

We did wonder if it was intentional?

Source: pulpheroe / Reddit

When your flip flop is a snapshot of your holiday oasis…!

Source: rigoletta / Reddit

A Reddit user shared a picture of a perfectly matching shirt and journal. It does make you raise an eyebrow with curiosity.

Source: godsbadday / Reddit

You’ll simply want to say “WOW” seeing the sunlight illuminating a balloon so magically.

Source:  FlaafyFlaff / Reddit

It gets a bit weird when the bacon you’re about to eat, resembles a deep-fried pig.

Source:  ivardj96 / Reddit

These letters appear to be windows to the blue heavenly sky, up above and not blue colored letters.

Source: amindspin74 / Reddit

When you end up purchasing a sofa without double-checking the size.

Source: greysoniscool2007 / Reddit

It’s amazing how this ring is a perfect fit for a 10 cent coin. You rarely get to see such perfection.

So that was a box full of 22 beautiful surprises in this Universe that sound wonderful and absolutely hilarious.