4-year-old Girl Accidentally Hanged Herself on a Tree Just Days After Becoming A Big Sister To Twins

Disheartening moment as a mother described how her 4-year-old daughter accidentally hanged herself, just 10 days after becoming an older sister to a set of twins.

Losing an old loved one can be very demoralizing, let alone losing a young, vibrant child whose life is just beginning to flower.

The word, devastating, doesn’t fully describe how Elise Thorpe, the mother of a four-year-old who accidentally hanged herself in a tree, feels as she opened up about her grief since the death of her daughter in September 2019.

The mother took to her Facebook timeline to post a photo of her late daughter, Freya Thorpe, with the caption, “I am a broken individual, caught in a hellstorm of grief.”

She was a hale and hearty girl before death beckoned
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“We live everyday day and night of our lives in torture, sheer shock, hell, and grief that cannot be comprehended,” she added.

The tragic accident ensued 10 days after Elise had just delivered a set of twins and was with her husband in a mood she described as ‘cloud nine’.

She explained that Freya had gone out to play outside of a friend’s house, just a stone’s throw away from their own home. She was wearing a bicycle helmet and went up a tree nearby.

Unfortunately, she slipped while up there and the strap of the element got stuck, leaving her to struggle.

At that moment, Elise developed a ‘gut feeling’ and began panicking when she spotted an ambulance at the end of the road.

She had to call her husband, Chris, who volunteered to pick up Freya so that she (Elise) could stay at home with the newborn twins.

Chris didn’t return home early, which led her to imagine the worst, and just as she had feared, Chris returned moments later looking devastated.

“Freya’s hung herself in a tree,” he broke the disheartening news of their daughter’s accident to her.

Furthermore, Elise recounted the moments of agony she spent at the hospital as the medics strived to save her daughter’s life, who eventually died a coupled of days later, after the intensive care at John Radcliffe Hospital.

Little Freya Thorpe’s grave
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“We are under a sentence of hell,” said Elise.

“I wake up to the same routine. I am always scared to sleep due to nightmares, scared to wake to the devastating flashbacks and pain.”

“It is said that people’s mental metal health heightened during covid-19. But as a social worker myself, I’m used to managing complex issues, yet this one has completely downed me, the pain of having to be in the long Covid-19 isolation with memories of her.”

She went on to note that the long boring days make it more obvious how she misses her daughter and can’t bear the pain of her gone forever. She continued that she struggles to watch Freya’s younger siblings, the boy and girl twins, grow.

“I see in them traits of Freya. There is so much they took after her, yet she is not here with them. We are incomplete,” she lamented.

“Every Christmas, birthday, or milestone is a reminder of what she would have been or become. It is real torture!”

“Every member of the family is still grieving to date, but not more than Chris and I who both witnessed as our little beautiful girl lied on the floor in such a critical condition,” she closed out.

Freya with her mom, Elise
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Meanwhile, Elise said she has received criticisms from people who questioned where the girl’s parents were when the accident happened. Some have questioned why they would let her go out alone to play.

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