7 Signs You’re in a Relationship with a Cheater

Do you ever feel like your partner is acting distant? Does their behaviour seem super secretive to you? Are they often trying to hide things from you?

Being cheated in a relationship is one of the worst feelings ever because you give your heart, soul, love and all your loyalty to a person and in exchange, they betray you.

The thing about cheating is, a lot of people consider having a physical relationship with another person as cheating, whereas, the truth is, every time you do something that you hide from your partner, delete a chat, or flirt with another person, you’re already there.

Here are seven subtle but very significant signs that your partner is cheating on you.

(1) No Sharing Passcodes:

When two people are genuinely in love with each other, they find it extremely comfortable to share passcodes with each other as they don’t have anything in their social media accounts that they’d want to hide.

If your partner panics at the idea of sharing their social media account passcodes with you, chances are there’s something they have in there that they don’t want you to see.

Please don’t confuse this as a mandatory requirement in a relationship, not sharing passcodes with your partner is okay, but being scared about sharing it is not.

(2) Always Talking About Others:

Does your boyfriend keep talking about other pretty girls? Or does your girlfriend casually mention how well built another man is?

It is okay in a relationship when your partner passes a compliment to someone else, however, it is not natural for a loving partner to continuously talk on and on about another person. Another person really shouldn’t be on their mind all the time.

(3) They Are Always Distracted:

You know how when you’re with the person you love, you forget everything except for them? At that moment, all that matters is your partner’s presence.

Well, when someone is cheating on another person, this aspect of a relationship changes too. Once in a blue moon is okay, but if your partner often seems like they’re distracted when with you, or not completely interested in spending their time with you, then you know it’s a big red flag. Be with someone who feels lucky to be able to spend their time with you, not someone who doesn’t value it.

(4) They Often Make Plans With You:

Now, please don’t misinterpret the title, your partner is allowed to spend time alone or make a plan with their other friends, but that again shouldn’t always be the case.

If your partner makes plans that don’t include you too often, then there might be a chance that they would rather spend their time with other people than you and it doesn’t take a genius to decode what that means, they simply aren’t interested.

(5) They Aren’t Possessive:

No one likes a partner who is always standing on their head, guiding and analyzing every single moment being made. No one wants an over-protective partner.

But a subtle amount of possessiveness is extremely desirable in relationships, not to make you feel like your partner doesn’t trust you, but to remind you that they get a little jealous everyone someone else gets your attention. If they don’t give you their attention, it because someone else has it.

(6) They Don’t Put Efforts:

May it be an argument, a fight, deciding what movie to watch, where to eat, working out the finances, surprising you or planning dates if your partner doesn’t seem to show any interest or put any efforts in little or big things and lets you make all decision singlehandedly, then maybe they’re already too busy in doing these activities with someone else.

A real relationship consists of mutual effort in all aspects.

(7) They Don’t Say ‘I Love You’ Often:

As little as this might sound, it is such a huge part of any relationship. When a person genuinely loves you, they keep reminding you they do, on every little thing that you might do, but if they don’t tell you they love you, then maybe they actually don’t.

If you spot one or more of these signs in your relationship, stay alert!