7 Signs You’re The Problem In The Relationship

Are you having a tough time with your partner?

Do you two often end up fighting? Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of ‘blame-game’ too? As humans, we tend to overlook our own mistakes and find faults with the other person instead. We do this often, most times without even consciously realizing it.

We tag it all ‘love’ and continue to ignore the mistakes that we’re making. So how can we identify these mistakes?

For starters, you can look for these seven signs in your behaviour and take a moment to ponder if you are the problem in your relationship.

(1) You Are OVER Possessive:

A little possessiveness about your partner is attractive and desirable in most relationships, however, some people tend to be more than the “acceptable” amount of possessive and this can cause problems in many relationships.

Your partner would like to be able to talk to and hang out with other people without you watching them like a hawk.

(2) You Aren’t Giving Them Their Space:

The ultimate perk of being in a relationship is indeed having company. What some people end up forgetting it that it does not mean having company 24/7.

If you’re one of those people who always want to be with their partner and end up creating a scene every time they wish to spend some quality time alone, then you’re definitely on the wrong path.

You and your partner both need to be able to be at peace with the fact that the two of you aren’t supposed to be together all the time.

(3) You Have Trust Issues:

Most people carry with them bad experiences from their past relationships. Majority of these people end up forming insecurities from these experiences and take it with them in their next relationship.

If you’ve had a bad relationship experience in the past, it is natural for you to be scared that your current partner will do the same to you but it isn’t okay for you to assume your partner is cheating on you because of it.

You need to be able to put your complete faith in the person you’re with, that is the only way your relationship will work out.

(4) You’re Being Toxic:

Toxicity is labelled as love so often, that most people can’t differentiate between the two.

Every time you ask your partner to not go out without you because you hate being without them, YOU ARE BEING TOXIC.

As harsh as it may sound, you need to realise that you cannot be a toxic person, not only will it damage the relationship, it will also harm you and your partner as individuals and you do not get to mess with another person’s mental health in the name of love.

(5) You Are Not Loyal:

If you find yourself flirting with other people, hiding messages, deleting chats, not letting your partner use your phone then sorry to tell you this but you’re not – loyal.

A lot of people consider physical intimacy with another person the only form of cheating but that’s not true. Every time you do something with a person other than your partner and find the need to hide it from them, you’re cheating.

A loyal person is loyal every time, not as per their convenience.

(6) You Make Assumptions:

So many times, people ruin a completely good thing because they made an assumption about their partner.

The whole point of being in a relationship is to communicate with one another on a deeper level but instead, some people choose not to communicate at all and make assumptions. If you jump to conclusions too, please note that you’re in the wrong.

(7) You Give Up Easily:

There are problems, misunderstandings and fight in every relationship.

Each individual has different opinions and views that will lead to clash some time but that is when you and your partner need to team up and tackle the problem, so many times, people simply give up on the topic and leave the fight unresolved which tends to accumulate harsh feelings in each partner’s heart which is not healthy for a relationship.

So if you have a problem, solve it, no matter how long it takes, do not give up. If you’re seeing any of these signs in yourself, it’s still not too late to change. Be your partner’s peace and flourish with them.