7 Subtle Signs Someone Is Gaslighting You

“Cut off your dead ends for growth and I’m not just talking about hair.”

Have you ever ended up in a cycle of self-doubt? Do you question your decisions all the time? Does your mind constantly torture you with the same questions on loop?

Have you ever thought about why this happens? A lot of times, we’re surrounded by people who claim that they care about us but in reality, they’re trying to mess with our mental health.

Here are seven subtle signs of gaslighting that you should steer clear of RIGHT NOW!

(1) They Are Always Judging You:

From your food choices to your dressing sense, from your way of speaking to how you walk, these people will find a flaw with everything you do.

Their motive is to make you see faults in yourself and they’ll do it so subtly that they’ll make you believe it’s for your own betterment. Do not engage with such people.

They have so little of their achievements, that the best thing they can do is pass judgement on someone else’s life.

(2) They Keep Telling You “You’re Wrong”:

So many times, people will undermine others by saying that what they’re doing is wrong.

Just because what you’re doing is different than what they’ll do, doesn’t mean you’re always wrong. You need to shut these people out of your life and start believing in yourself.

Remember, you’ve been on your own, hustling and succeeding for a very long time, nothing needs to change now.

(3) They Make You Question Everything:

These people are going to criticise you so much and make you feel like you need to reconsider every life decision you’ve ever made. Please respect yourself enough to walk out of a relationship like that, fight for your mental peace.

The only question you should be asking yourself is “Do I even need this person in my life?”.

(4) Feeling You’re Not “Good Enough”:

When you’re with such people, you’ll have this constant pressure in your head that you’re not good enough.

Their company won’t bring you any growth, happiness or productivity in your life.

Whenever you encounter such harsh feelings, please take a moment to think about your achievements, even the smallest of them.

(5) You Don’t Feel Motivated:

With such people, you’ll never feel like you want to try something new, go on to do something better, they’ll always demotivate you and make you feel worthless for the best of your achievements.

Nothing you’ve done or you’re working towards is impressive to these people. That is when you need to get your best work face on and believe in yourself so much that everyone around you feels motivated too.

(6) You NEED To Be Validated:

Such people will make you so dependent that you will – seek validation from them for whatever you do. If you buy a new dress, you’ll want their validation. If you have made a presentation, you’ll want their validation.

Without even realising, people like you and I, we engage in this toxicity of seeking approval from people who are eventually going to end up not making us feel good about ourselves.

It’s high time that we stop giving them so much importance.

(7) They Constantly Make You Encounter Negative Feelings:

If you know a person whose company always makes you feel sad, worthless, demotivated, stressed, unhappy, and other negative things, then please understand that this person doesn’t want you to feel happy in the first place.

No one can always accidentally make you feel these things, if this behaviour from their end is consistent then that means they’re doing it on purpose. Block them, not just from your social media accounts but your life too.

As individuals, we need to be able to respect ourselves enough to walk out of a bond that is only bringing us mental stress and engage in bonds that bring us mental peace.

At the end of the day, you are your biggest investment. Your achievements matter, your goals matter, your passion matters, you are perfect the way you are and you don’t need a person who is gaslighting you in your life.