Animal Sanctuary Saves Massive Wolfdog Who Was Left to Die at a Kill Shelter

Yuki the wolfdog is so large that photos of him posing with his handlers look photoshopped, but they aren’t.

Not only is Yuki huge, he is also so very cute that people can’t stop sharing his photos. Unfortunately, life almost took a deadly turn for the giant wolf-dog hybrid before he was even a year old.

His first family gave him up when he was only eight months old due to how fast he was growing. They reportedly couldn’t keep up with his size.

Plenty of people get puppies only to decide within a few months or so that it’s too much work. Therefore, a dog of Yuki’s size takes an extra special family.

But I’m not making any excuses for Yuki’s former family. In fact, I have nothing nice to say about them at all. They left Yuki, who trusted them to care for him, at a kill shelter.

Before his life flashed before his eyes, the Shy Wolf Sanctuary leapt in to save the day and adopted Yuki from the shelter.

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Brittany Allen volunteers her time at the sanctuary, and she was smitten with Yuki the moment she met him.

She took some pictures cuddling with the massive pup and posted them online. It didn’t take long before people went bonkers for him.


Immediately people started accusing Brittany of photoshopping Yuki to get more likes. She was quick to respond by posting more photos of the wolfdog and his impressive size.

Even his snout is ginormous!

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Most wolf-dog hybrids aren’t as much wolf as Yuki – so he’s a lot to handle. It’s very rare for a wolfdog to contain such strong wolf genetics.

Yuki is 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky, and 3.9% German Shepherd.

He looks to be about the size of my miniature horse in the photo below.

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Yuki’s large size paired with his sweet demeanor has made him quite the celebrity on the Internet and around the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, while recovering from consecutive surgeries, Yuki became “cage-aggressive,” according to a director at the sanctuary.

He’s far from mean though! He still loves to cuddle and is especially fond of women.

Yuki has resided at Shy Wolf Sanctuary for the past 10 years, where his extended family lovingly knows him as “WooWoo.” He earned the nickname because of the sound he makes whenever he sees his favorite caretakers coming to play with him.

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Sadly, Yuki was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis is pretty bleak. Staff work hard to ensure the time he does have left is full of love, joy, and as much play time as possible.

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Based in Naples, Florida, the Shy Wolf Sanctuary looks after exotic animals that the average person isn’t capable of caring for. They also strive to educate the public on proper care techniques for non-traditional pets.

Wolfdogs, foxes, all kinds of animals are commonly purchased before people realize how much work they are to care for. This puts animals in dangerous situations, like big-ol Yuki when he found himself at a kill shelter.

The sanctuary strives to inform people about what they are getting into so they don’t end up taking on an animal they are ill-prepared to care for.

So, while you might be thinking you want to adopt Yuki, more than likely, you don’t want a wolfdog. I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow because I’d like one of my own.

Wolfdogs are considered wild animals and even experts advise against getting them as pets. For instance, wolfdog-fanatic Sandra Piovesan raised 9 wolfdogs who were said to adore her, only to have them turn on her and kill her one seemingly ordinary day.

Even brave Brittany who spends so much of her time loving on Yuki admits she wouldn’t mess with a wolfdog outside of the sanctuary.

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“The animals I work with have never been in the wild and never will be, so they are more socialized. We show off their adorable moments in the hope of helping people identify with them at least and maybe change their fear response into a healthy respect through education. And also giving an animal a chance at a decent life when otherwise they would be euthanized,” Brittany explained.

Learn more about Shy Wolf Sanctuary and how you can help them continue their mission to help as many animals as pawssible!