4 Things About Love That Only Aries People Understand

As headstrong individuals with a strong individualistic streak, an Aries has a unique approach to love and relationships.

If you were born under the sign of the ram, your relationships have probably always been intense, exciting, and rather challenging.

Fortunately, you are thick-skinned and willing to pick yourself up and try again!

For more sensitive, romantic souls, the Aries outlook seems rather pushy or even crass.

However, other signs could learn a lot from Aries.

Although they are often seen as naïve or bumbling when it comes to love, they also manage to attract plenty of partners.

It might take a lot of trial and error, but most of them eventually settle down into happy long-term relationships.

Here are four things they know all too well about love and dating: 

1. Sometimes, you’ve just got to declare your feelings:

Too many people sit on the side lines when it comes to love, but not Aries.

If you were born under this sign, you know that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and it’s better to get knocked back than to forever wonder whether someone returns your feelings.

You aren’t bulletproof – you’ll be the first to admit that rejection stings – but you also know that there are lots of other people out there to date.

If the object of your affections turns you down, you have the enviable ability to tell yourself that it’s their loss.

You don’t waste time looking back on what could or might have been.

2. Not everyone appreciates honesty, but it’s the foundation of a good relationship:

Aries are the least diplomatic signs of the zodiac.

They are rather impulsive and impatient.

If they have something to say, there’s no holding them back!

This can result in a lot of arguments, especially if the person they are dating happens to be a more sensitive sign.

However, any Aries will tell you that the truth – even if it hurts – will always win out in the end.

If you are an Aries, you have no time for people who play games, cheat, or lie about their achievements in the hope of impressing you.

It isn’t that you like cruel people, but you admire people who refuse to sugar-coat the reality of a situation.

3. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition in a relationship:

A good relationship should always be on equal footing – or so we’re lead to believe.

An Aries knows otherwise.

If a couple don’t challenge themselves or one another, their partnership can come to a grinding halt.

If you are an Aries, you probably enjoy competing with your partner, whether in the form of board games, extreme sports, or even who can get promoted first.

From your perspective, competition helps bring out the best in people.

You wouldn’t be happy with someone who was perfectly content with their current life situation.

Fortunately, despite your competitive nature, you are big enough to know when you’re beaten.

You have the strength of character to admit when you’ve been outclassed – and then use the experience as motivation to improve!

You love and admire people who are willing to push themselves and set ambitious goals.

4. It’s easy to get over someone as long as you’re in the right headspace:

Conventional wisdom says that if you’ve just broken up with someone, it’s best to take time out from the dating scene for a while.

After all, doesn’t everyone need some time to rediscover themselves and regain their equilibrium?

For an Aries, that advice seems a little absurd.

They tend to find the excitement that comes with a rebound relationship to be a welcome distraction.

An Aries doesn’t sit around journaling, meditating, or embarking on a long quest for self-improvement after a breakup.

Ever mindful that life is for living, they’re eager to get back out there and meet some new people.

Occasionally this can backfire, because they tend to fall in love rather quickly.

However, if you are an Aries, you’ll be happy to chalk the incident up to experience and move on.

People are often surprised – maybe even shocked, depending on their sensibilities – when they discover your extensive romantic history.

However, this won’t stop them enjoying the wild stories you’ll have to tell!   

An Aries’ buoyant personality and high energy makes them highly attractive, meaning that they are never short of potential dates.

Their approach to dating and their view of love definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but all signs can learn from their transparency, honesty, and willingness to give love another chance when a relationship doesn’t work out.