16 Times Bad Letter Spacing Made All The Difference

All it takes is bad letter spacing to cause some serious confusion (and laughter).

The businesses and individuals pictured below were caught with poorly spaced letters resulting in some unintentionally risqué signs and messages.

The next time you’re creating a sign for the public to read make sure you take into consideration letter spacing and font, all it takes is a few millimeters to transform a completely normal statement into something that makes jaws drop.

In the world of metal printing there are distinct types of letter spacing available, including manual, automatic or no kerning.

Without any kerning (automatic spacing) it can appear that there are spaces between letters when there really aren’t; automatic kerning tends to produce mixed results.

And when it comes to handwriting, writer-discretion advised…

especially if you work at Starbucks and write people’s names on cups (see #3)!

1. Even Walmart Gets Kerning All Wrong From Time To Time

bad-letter-spacing-12__605Photo Credit: therespectrum

2. When Poor Spacing Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

bad-letter-spacing-6__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Sorry Clint, The Barista Gave You A New Name Today

bad-letter-spacing-11__605Photo Credit: Unknown

4. Want To Head Over To Massage The Rapist?

bad-letter-spacing-4__605Photo Credit: EGoatMan

5. Not Again!

bad-letter-spacing-5__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Dear Bull Titan US, Your Logo Needs Help ASAP

bad-letter-spacing-231__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Dick Lovers Or Click Lovers?

bad-letter-spacing-19__605Photo Credit: EGoatMan

8. Spacing Would Be Helpful Here

bad-letter-spacing-1__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. “My Aunt In The Philippines Made A Nice Birthday Cake For My Relative Curt

Space-bar-you-had-one-job-1__605Photo Credit: applebottomgenes

10. This Math Teacher Learned The Importance Of Kerning Before The Final

bad-letter-spacing-13__605Photo Credit: tallforahobbit

11. The Worst Tart You Could Ever Eat

bad-letter-spacing-8__605Photo Credit: Bunuvasitch

12. Okay… What Am I Really Buying Here?

bad-letter-spacing-15__605Photo Credit: mtstradling

13. Wonder What They Sell At “Megaflicks”

bad-letter-spacing-14__605Photo Credit: Jeff Miller

14. There’s A Reason This Ended Up At Big Lots And It Has To Do With Font

Space-bar-you-had-one-job-__605Photo Credit: Pterodactyl418

15. The Simple Word “Click” Seems To Cause A LOT Of Issues

bad-letter-spacing-17__605Photo Credit: Kerncerned 

16. Seriously… Who Approved This Without Laughing?

image462__605Photo Credit: Andrew Szypulski