Amazing New Beehive Automatically Harvests Honey Without Disturbing Bees

Meet Stuart and Cedar Anderson, bee enthusiasts from Australia who have worked tirelessly to change the way beekeepers collect honey.

Since the 1800s not much has changed in regards to beekeeping, although the rapidly declining bee population suggests we need a new solution and fast.

This determined father-and-son duo has figured out how to easily and automatically collect honey without disturbing the bees, a win-win for all.

The Flow Hive generates an automatic stream of fresh honey with a simple turn of a nozzle.

As the fresh honey pours out the bees remain completely unbothered.

Learn more about this awesome invention, and see how you can get involved!

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The Flow Hive invention might look like an ordinary box filled with bees but it’s capable of so much more than you might expect.

The clever invention includes partially completed honeycomb cells on the inner walls.

In order to make the place feel more like home, the bees complete the partial wall, filling it in with honey.

When the time is right, a beekeeper can simply turn the nozzle on the outside of the box and the honey automatically flows out from a tap without the bees noticing.

When they do notice that their honeycomb cells are only partially full they simply repeat the process and fill them back up again.

“It’s amazing, it’s honey on tap!” Says Dave Rastovich.

Urban beekeeper Will Vorobioff admits, “I have spent hours, taking honey out of hives.

This, this system… It just blows my mind.”

Many people around the globe have already tried the honey-collecting device, and of course all were a bit skeptical at first.

Yet, when they realized it really does work they were extremely excited, especially when they witnessed the sheer quantity of honey that emerged from the tube faucet.

This is life changing for two different species, humans and bees!

The inventors couldn’t believe it when they first saw it working themselves.

After all, they worked on the invention for an entire decade before creating the Flow Hive.

The best part of all is that the bees are much happier about this noninvasive method of honey collection.

Bees play a critical role in agriculture, and the world needs them for more than just honey.

Unfortunately, bees are under a great deal of pressure and have been dying out in vast numbers.

Scientists are still trying to identify the cause(s) of what is called Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD).

Inventions like the Flow Hive could help relieve stress currently impacting honeybees, and reduce the decline of the population.

The incredible invention literally creates a process where fresh honey flows straight from a tap.

This is the most significant innovation the beekeeping industry has seen since 1852.

In a business where everything has stayed the same for so long, it’s no wonder people are going crazy for this eco-friendly, awesome invention.

Thanks to the Anderson’s, bees farmed for honey can hope for a better future, and you can help!

You can support the Flow Hive by following them on Facebook, subscribing to their latest newsfeeds, or donating to their kick-starter fund.

The team started with a goal of raising $70,000 and have since raised over 3 million dollars (in just a couple of days!)

In order to raise so much money, the Anderson’s are offering some awesome perks to generous donators.

Donating $600 will get you your very own Complete Full Flow Hive. There are other incentives offered for donations ranging between $30 and $600.

Bee happy–this invention is good for all!